Ambassador Energy Installs a Solar PV System and Adds a Chapter to a Texas Resident's On-Going Biography 'On Becoming a "Greenie"'

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As the Solar Movement sweeps across the US from both coasts, Wally Gardipe found himself standing on a figurative energy-conservation island in the middle of a big Texas city asking, “What else can I do to conserve energy, opt for alternative energy, and be an example to my fellow man in the process?” Then he met Ambassador Energy.

Gardipe began what he calls his “Green Biography” many years ago. His interest, sparked as a youth in New Mexico, has grown into a solid action plan, as he has settled into his last 15 years in a city outside of Dallas, Texas.

From Wally’s Green Biography:
“I began in Oak Cliff by getting involved with the recycling program and later added a compost pile to discard my leaves, grass cuttings and perishable food scraps to use for my garden. I also started attending seminars, sponsored by Oak Cliff’s water department, where I learned about lawn care, water conservation and drought-resistant Texas native plants. It was at one of these seminars I became aware of how to use rain barrels to assist in watering my indoor and outdoor plants. I invested in five 55-gallon barrels and had gutters installed to assist in capturing rain water.

My thoughts moved to my 57 year old brick home and making it more energy efficient. I was spurred on by the Federal Government tax credits, which financially inspired me to start the process. My first step was to install energy-efficient windows, replacing the single-pane aluminum windows which were original to the 1953 home. My next step was to add a radiant barrier and additional insulation to the attic. All proved to save me money on my water, gas and electric bills, yet I knew there was more I could do. So, I continued by investing in a new furnace, air conditioner and tank-less water heater.

Having only whetted my appetite for conservation, I thought there was still more I could do to reduce my carbon foot print. I got busy planting native drought-resistant plants in my yard which would survive during the hot Texas summer months, and researching the use of solar energy.

In my research, I came across Michael Williams of Ambassador Energy of North Texas, an Authorized Agency of Ambassador Energy, Inc.. I had made a few inquires to other companies, but it was Michael’s quick response and enthusiasm that got me moving on this project. What he showed me was a very efficient way to cool and heat my home, as well as meet my other electrical needs, through the use of solar energy - something I firmly believe to be the wave of the future!

As a result, I currently have 26-panel Solar PV system installed on the southern exposure of my home, and feel that, in no way, do they detract from my home’s curb appeal. In fact, I am proud when people do see it. I am also proud to be one of the first residential customers in Dallas to be involved in this movement, and to be able to set an example to those around me.

Not only do all of my efforts add value to my home, but the projects make me feel that I am doing my small, but impactful part, in cutting down on the use of precious resources. I hope to educate my friends and neighbors on the value this can add, not only to their homes, but to their lives as being earth friendly – even becoming 'Greenies' like me!”

About Ambassador Energy or North Texas
Ambassador Energy of North Texas specializes in residential and commercial rooftop and ground-mounted Solar PV, Solar Thermal installations and Energy-Conservation Applications.

About Ambassador Energy, Inc.
Ambassador Energy has 40 Authorized Agencies operating in 12 US states, providing a turnkey, consolidated platform of renewable energy training, support, product-agnostic distribution and evolving mindshare to a nationwide network of Ambassador Energy Authorized Agents, who are contractors and entrepreneurs augmenting their portfolios by offering renewable energy solutions to their clients.

Ambassador Energy offers their Agency program to qualified candidates. New Agency Training is offered approximately once every four to six weeks.


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