Cyber-Bullying Tip Line System Callyo Launches

Students and parents can now report cyber-bullying, harassment and concerns about classmates with a simple mobile text message or voice recording left for school administrators. Callyo enables a school to set up an affordable tip line system in just minutes.

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Easily manage tips from the Callyo Dashboard

If we remove or delay the barrier of face-to-face confrontation by giving students the ability to report concerns over their mobile phones, we can begin to address problems before they escalate.

Saint Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) November 8, 2010

In response to the rising concern and frequency of bullying in schools everywhere, Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus Chris Bennett created a new service named Callyo to give students an outlet for reporting incidents using their mobile phones.

"It can be very intimidating for students to walk into a counselor's office and admit they are being teased, or disclose a classmate whom they believe is in need of help," says Bennett. "But if we remove or delay the barrier of face-to-face confrontation by giving students the ability to report concerns over their mobile phones, we can begin to address problems before they escalate."

The process for setting up a tip line involves a school choosing a local Callyo phone number - instantly generated - and designating which school officials will receive tip notifications via SMS and email. Immediately, students and parents can text or call in to report bullying, harassment or concerns about troubled classmates. Tips can be left anonymously at the decision of school officials.

The announcement of Callyo's tip line system comes on the heels of US Department of Education Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlynn Ali declaring on October 26th that schools, districts, colleges and universities are charged with "stopping any incidences of bullying, discrimination or harassment that they become aware of, fixing the problem, and taking steps to ensure that it never happens again so that students have a safe place to learn."

Ali states that schools at all grade levels "have an affirmative duty to remediate and alleviate the harassing behavior." Bound by the same guidelines applied to harassment in the workplace, a school can be held responsible for failing to take proactive steps to address unwelcomed behavior that they know or should have known about. A Callyo tip line can help a school mitigate this risk by making it easier for students to communicate with administrators.

Further helping schools to stay in compliance, Callyo maintains a permanent record of every text message and voice recording left by students, accessed securely at any time from a central dashboard. School officials may utilize this dashboard to reply to a student's text message, or to make an outbound recorded call from the tip line. Monthly usage reports and bullying resources are also available to school administrators.

Schools that qualify to participate in Callyo's cyber-bullying tip line pilot program will receive the service free for one year. Others may subscribe for $49 per month, or $500 annually at

ABOUT CALLYO, INC. – Callyo is a telephony platform established in 2010 for recording calls, saving text message histories and linking multiple phone numbers to a single device without giving out your personal number. Callyo is used by law enforcement agencies for conducting undercover investigations, by schools and companies as an instant tip line service, and by the general public as a tool for making anonymous or recorded calls.

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