New Website Provides 10 Natural Treatments For Hemorrhoids

Share Article launches a website to help hemorrhoid sufferers get hemorrhoid relief using natural methods.

For most people, hemorrhoid treatment means pain, expensive medication, and possibly even surgery. However, more and more people are looking for natural ways to cure their hemorrhoid problem.

Natural home remedies for hemorrhoid treatment has several advantages over other types of hemorrhoid treatments. Consider these facts:

  • Hemorrhoid surgery is very expensive, and a botched surgery can create even more problems.
  • Over-the-counter creams and medications may temporarily solve the hemorrhoid problem, but they do nothing to address the underlying causes of hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoid medications often include unpleasant side-effects.

Who is Most Susceptible to Hemorrhoids?

Over 50% of American adults will suffer from a hemorrhoid at some point in their life. In particular, overweight or obese people, pregnant women, and middle aged people are at higher risk for hemorrhoids than others.

Furthermore, hemorrhoids are often a side-effect of the Western diet, which all too often includes many highly processed foods, too much sodium, and not enough water. Highly processed foods, such as fast food, have become a mainstay of the average American's diet. However, these foods do not contain enough dietary fiber, and without fiber, stool is much harder to pass. As a result, many Americans find themselves straining during a bowel movement, triggering a hemorrhoid to form.

Processed foods are packed with sodium, which in turn makes blood vessels swell throughout the body. Swollen blood vessels near the anus can easily become a hemorrhoid.

Plenty of water keeps stool soft and easy to pass. Without enough water, stools become dry, compacted, and difficult to pass.

By reducing processed foods, such as chips, candies, canned foods, cereals, white breads, salty snack foods, and fast food, while increasing intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, many people have cured their recurrent hemorrhoids without having to rely upon more invasive treatment methods. Furthermore, a change in diet can also help the hemorrhoid patient to lose weight, feel better about themselves, and enjoy an increase in energy – an added bonus that comes with an improved diet.

Ten Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids Naturally

Going to the doctor with a hemorrhoid, especially if he or she tells you that the real problem is simply a lack of fiber or fluid, can be very embarrassing. Sites such as are making it easier for people to cure their hemorrhoids without having to seek the help of a doctor.

Besides the dietary changes mentioned above, people can soothe and even cure hemorrhoids with a number of other natural methods. All of these methods will help the hemorrhoid patient improve his or her situation, relieve pain, and pass stools more easily.

People can take responsibility for their own health and cure their hemorrhoids without expensive medication by utilizing the information contained on and similar sites. If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you owe it to yourself to investigate natural ways of curing hemorrhoids and stopping their recurrence.


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