Multi-Channel Media Buying Software Available On-Demand: The Answer to Audience Fragmentation

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Today’s consumer audience is divided among traditional and online media, and media buyers are turning to multi-channel advertising for better reach and recall. Marketing technology company Avenue Right brings it all together in a real-time platform that streamlines the process of buying online and offline media and provides real-time insight into a local advertising market.

The concept reflects the shifts occurring in the way people communicate, collect information, and transact. Current media buying processes and technologies fail to embrace new software and internet advancements." Brian Gramer, Avenue Right Founder/CEO

Marketing technology company Avenue Right’s web-based media buying software combines the technology, tools, and insight needed to plan, schedule, buy, and measure media for local campaigns that use a mix of online and offline advertising.

There was a time when only a few major publications and a handful of radio and television stations existed in a local market, making it easy to plan and buy advertising. Today there can be hundreds of media outlets in the average US market, competing for both audience attention and advertising dollars.

The challenge for media buyers and the agencies that provide those services is to be able to plan and manage multi-channel advertising campaigns efficiently, keeping up with market changes while eliminating time- and labor-intensive tasks related to planning, negotiating, and buying media.

Why Multi-Channel Matters

For most advertisers, the target audience is no longer exposed to their messages only through daily newspapers or broadcast commercials. Now that audience can go online anytime to find exactly the content they want, when they want it, probably watching TV or listening to the radio at the same time.

Accordingly, marketers are spending more of their budget online, but traditional media—primarily television and radio—continue to capture a fair share of audience attention.

The US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2009-2014 from Forrester Research reports that individuals spend 34% of their time online in 2010, with the rest of their time spent with traditional media—watching TV 35%, 18% listening to the radio, and 13% reading print media.

Keeping up with the changing media landscape and the divided attention of a target audience requires not only efficient tools to work with every medium, but also the real-time information and collaboration environment we’ve become accustomed to thanks to web-based technology such as search engines, social networks, and document sharing.

Media Buying Automation

From one central location, media buyers can now plan, buy, and analyze local online and offline advertising, together—radio, broadcast and cable TV, print, or online.

Avenue Right’s multi-channel platform streamlines the media buying process for small to mid-size ad agencies looking to do away with manual processes, get access to market information, provide better visibility for clients, and increase efficiencies in their day-to-day jobs.

It’s not an ad network or exchange, but rather an agnostic media buying solution that allows its users to deliver an effective multi-channel advertising campaign without spending too much time on manual business processes, phone calls, and follow ups.

With a quick search of Avenue Right’s media outlet database, users can quickly find local advertising opportunities that specifically match their campaign criteria. Along with more mainstream local media outlets such as daily newspapers and popular radio stations, buyers can use search tags to find niche advertising opportunities, such as community newspaper or local parenting website.

Other features and gadgets for media buyers include electronic RFP tools, multi-channel consideration sets, media schedule builders and templates, budgeting, and campaign reporting. To manage it all, there are campaign calendars, dashboards, contact management, and a customizable File Cabinet for each user.

A New Way to Buy Media

The technology enables real-time communication, streamlines the media buying process for multi-channel advertising, connects media buyers and media sellers, and offers real-time insight into account and marketplace activity. Avenue Right’s platform provides a collaborative environment for information exchange, media scheduling, and confirmation.

"The concept reflects the shifts occurring in the way people communicate, collect information, and transact,” says Avenue Right Founder/CEO Brian Gramer. “Current media buying processes and technologies fail to embrace new software and internet advancements and the outstanding efficiencies they can provide via automation.”

Avenue Right’s database of local media outlets and the information available continues to grow as users interact on the platform. New media outlets in a given market can easily be added by one user and made available to another, and buyers can keep up to date on activity in their market with dashboard notifications when a media outlet has a status change, such as a profile update.

Challenging the complex legacy processes of planning and buying traditional media, the on-demand software delivers not only a real-time information exchange, but the tools needed to make that information actionable and manageable.

“We’re creating a marketplace that doesn’t exist today, and we’re automating a process to make it more efficient for both sides,” Gramer says. “The buyer and seller can exchange information in a free marketplace, and small agencies and businesses have information and resources that are currently unaffordable to them.”

The company does not pre-purchase inventory or take commission on transactions, so the platform and any recommendations provided remain free of bias.

Learn more about how Avenue Right’s real-time software streamlines and automates the media buying process for local online and offline media. Visit Avenue Right on the web or follow Avenue Right on Twitter @AvenueRight.


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