Officially Enters Public Beta Stage

Share Article officially enters public beta stage. RevvNation is a car/race themed Massive Multiplayer Online Browser based Text Game developed by a young team of game and auto fanatics from Romania. It focuses on creating a complex social game and building a community around the passion for cars and gaming.


Part time geeks, full time auto lovers and gamers, the team has concentrated all its efforts in order to make the best racing social game ever! officially enters public beta stage.

Social gaming on a rise

The social gaming market is an incredibly dynamic sector, totalizing almost 100 million players, only from Zynga, Playfish and Playdom, the first big 3 companies in the field. If the growth of the market has been constantly rising over the past few years, it is currently expanding towards virtual currency and other types of monetization, which proves the fact that it is a very profitable industry. According to an article published by Mashable, "about $1 billion in revenue is expected this year." Moreover, there is a crossing path between core games and casual, social games, that only some have noticed.

Auto industry in need of a boost

Although the auto industry was severely affected by the economic depression, the fan base is still out there and car related enthusiasm has not faded away. People are very engaged in online auto related communities and are trying to make the most of their passions.

RevvNation - the social car game you've been waiting for

RevvNation is a car/race themed Massive Multiplayer Online Browser based Text Game. RevvNation was born to cover the lack of a visibly successful game that combines social gaming and racing. There have been attempts to create such a game, but they didn't really make it to the spotlight. Based on this need and on the fact that "sharing" and "social" are the key elements in the online environment, the idea of an engaging social game that can please both gamers and the automotive community arised easily.

RevvNation has just gotten out of private beta and it is still at a stage where feedback is essential. Features are implemented as the game develops, but the main structure is already in place.

Developed by a team of auto lovers and gaming fanatics, RevvNation combines the best things about cars and gaming in in a social game that will satisfy your need for racing and fun.
In Revvnation users can have the car of their dreams, can upgrade it in order to get the best performance and even have a less stressful job than their real one. And if people have always wanted to join a racing club, well, they can do it now, with almost no effort. Race with or against their friends or be the bad boy/girl they can't be in real life traffic. Users can play for only 15 minutes/day (optimum time) and perform all the necessary tasks to grow as a player, but they can also play for as long as they like, competing against other players and engaging in discussions on the forum. They can also read the articles about gaming and cars on the blog ( and snoop around to see what was recently posted on Facebook.

A car fanatic gamers community

The main component of the game is the space it creates for people to get together and share their love for cars and gaming. The community is steadily building up and the shared passion for these two things. Contrary to what you might think, it's not a men's only zone. There are quite a few women playing the game and they're quite good, too.
The forum is a place where the players can find discussions about everything from the newest games released on the market to the car concepts presented at the last important motor show. They can get even more info on the game's blog, where they'll find posts about all kind of crazy things, related to the game and to the team's passions.
The most important thing about the game, though, is the social experience. A game is no fun if played alone. A few years back, who would've thought that we can share so much with our friends with just a click of a button? Well, now we can. You can also boost your ego by flaunting your Revvnation car wherever you want: on Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, on Stumble Upon etc. So RevvNation can make you happy (and proud) in more ways than one.
And, if you have a Facebook account, playing the game is as easy as it can be: sign-in with your Facebook account (using the Facebook Connect option) and start playing that instant.

The RevvNation Store

The game also has a RevvNation Store attached, where you can find get smart T-shirts and killer lines, with more products to be added in the future. Your strategy in the game will work a lot better with your racing t-shirt on!

The main goal of the team is to give you a new kind of experience and to enjoy all the fun of racing without having to pay for real gas or go shopping for car parts.

About the RevvNation developers

Based in Bucharest, Romania, the masterminds behind the game are Bobby Voicu, Mihai Pricope and Vlad Balan, backed by an enthusiastic and passionate team of six. Part time geeks, full time auto lovers and gamers, they’ve concentrated all their efforts in order to make the best racing social game ever! And the players say they’ve done a pretty decent job so far.

Bobby Voicu was Community Manager for Yahoo from 2008 to 2009 and is currently recognized as one of the most skilled experts in online, blogging and social media in Romania. He has, among other projects, created and managed the biggest blogger community in Romania ( and has helped increase the quality of the Romanian online projects.
Mihai Pricope was Platform Evangelist for Adobe and his technical skills range from Flash programming to augmented reality.
Vlad Balan owns, together with Bobby Voicu,, an auto site recommended as a "must-read auto blog" by

You can reach them by email and you can also find them on Facebook: RevvNation Facebook Fan Page and RevvNation Facebook Group and, of course, Twitter: @RevvNation.


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