bpEnnovations Consults Renowned Building Scientist Steve Easley on Issues Pertaining to Roof Ventilation and Moisture Management

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Respected Professional Gives Insight To Roof Ventilation Issues, Aerix Roof Ventilation System

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Most of the problems that I see in attics are caused from poor ventilation at the eve and ridge

bpEnnovations, a developer of innovative building products recently spent time with Steve Easley, a nationally known and respected building science consultant to gain Steve’s views on moisture problems and ventilation issues in attics. Additionally, bpEnnovations introduced its AERIX Roof Ventilation System to Steve to gain his trusted viewpoint on this new product that was recently named one of 2010’s Most Innovative Products by Journal of Light Construction.

Said bpEnnovations CEO Kirk Moore “The opportunity to spend time with an expert such as Steve Easley is incredibly valuable in this stage of our early development. We asked Steve his opinions and recommendations regarding construction practices and designs for how to prevent mistakes that lead to ice dams, moisture problems and mold in attics. The information Steve provided meshed incredibly well with our viewpoints on the issues pertaining to roof ventilation and the products that we have in development”.

“Most of the problems that I see in attics are caused from poor ventilation at the eve and ridge” added Easley, “as well as attic bypasses that allow warm humid air from the house to penetrate attic spaces where it can condense on cold surfaces under roof sheathing.”

Steve continued “Codes require us to ventilate attics to get rid of excess heat in the summer and to be free of of excess moisture in attics that are the result of air leaks--moisture that can piggy back air currents leaking from conditioned living spaces into attics. Attic floors are full of such penetrations from wires, ducts, plumbing and can lights. Warm air is more buoyant than cold air and when that warm air rises and leaks into attics it carries moisture with it causing OSB to buckle, ice dams to form and even increases the risk of mold related issues.”

Steve also shared with bpEnnovations his viewpoint on compressed space at eves where roof framing members intersect walls, (resulting in insulation becoming compressed which restricts air flow and ventilation) structures with no baffles at all (allowing wind to push the insulation away from the eves leaving large areas without insulation) and general construction shortcomings with most conventional attic vent baffles.

Easley went on to offer his opinion on bpEnnovation’s recently launched AERIX Roof Ventilation System.
“What impresses me about the AERIX Roof Ventilation System” said Easley “ is that it is a baffle ventilation system that is very well thought out and addresses all of the issues. AERIX is sturdy so there are no worries that insulation will deform it and cut off air flow. It is designed to work with a variety of insulation systems such as spray foam, blown cellulose or fiber glass as well as batt insulation in cathedral ceilings. Finally AERIX has an extended tail at the bottom of the eve baffle that integrates with the exterior building wrap to divert water from a roof leak down the baffle and over the top of the wrap to day light. All in all it’s the best attic ventilation baffle system that I’ve seen. It’s a cost effective solution to preventing problems at this difficult to work in area.”

About bpEnnovations”
bpENNOVATIONS is a Rutland, Vermont based developer of innovative building products with offices in Rutland and Bennington Vermont. AERIX is exclusively distributed by industry-leader Parksite, servicing the building industry as a wholesale distributor offering a wide range of exterior and interior building materials.

About Steve Easley:
Steve Easley is an internationally recognized construction consultant specializing in solving building science related problems and educating building industry professionals and their trade partners. His work focuses on increasing quality of construction, sustainability and reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects and call backs. Services provided include job site quality analysis, design review, educational seminars, mediation and product consulting.

For more information, call 1-877-475-9360 or visit http://www.bpennovations.com


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