Nearly 90 Percent of Leopard Geckos Die Within Two Years of Captivity, But They Don’t Have To

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“Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” by James Tan Delivers Critical Tips and Guidelines for Saving Pet Leopard Geckos from Premature Death

Save Your Leopard Gecko

Nearly 90 Percent of Leopard Geckos Die Within Two Years of Captivity...

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According to experts, more than 86 percent of pet leopard geckos die prematurely. In response to this alarming statistic, James Tan, enthusiast, expert and owner of eight leopard geckos, has released “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko,” a new e-book about leopard gecko care packed with information, tips and guidance for gecko owners. The first e-book of its kind, “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” is critical for any gecko owner who wants to ensure their pet lives a long, happy and pain-free life.

“Leopard geckos make great pets, but it’s incredibly important that potential owners take the initiative to learn as much about geckos as possible before making the decision to raise one,” said James Tan, owner of eight leopard geckos and author of “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko.” “My new e-book is based on hundreds of questions that I’ve received and answered from gecko owners and others considering purchasing a gecko, as well as my seven years of experience raising eight leopard geckos, all healthy and happy. This e-book is definitely an eye-opener and a must-have for your library.”

First discovered in the mid-nineteenth century, the leopard gecko is a unique species and an increasingly popular pet choice. But while more people are becoming aware of the leopard gecko and its popularity as a pet, most owners are not informed about how to properly care for them. Due to this trend, according to experts, most leopard geckos die unnecessarily within two years of captivity.

Leopard gecko owners face a number of challenges. Because these geckos typically live in the desert, recreating an environment in which a pet gecko can live comfortably and thrive can be difficult. Additionally, there are few resources available to leopard gecko owners that provide detailed information on how to handle and feed them, and how to treat them when they become ill.

“Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” by James Tan is the first comprehensive e-book on how to properly raise leopard geckos. This e-book is designed for leopard gecko enthusiasts and owners and contains secret, insider information seldom shared by professional breeders, veterinarians and other leopard gecko owners.

“Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” includes detailed information on:

  • How to select and purchase a vital, healthy leopard gecko
  • How to properly setup and clean a vivarium
  • How to train, tame and build nurturing relationships with pet geckos
  • How to detect and treat common illnesses that plague geckos
  • How to effectively and successfully breed leopard geckos
  • And other critical guidelines for leopard gecko care

For a limited time, customers who purchase “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” will also receive “How to Prevent Your Leopard Gecko from Climbing Out,” “How to Find a Missing Leopard Gecko,” “Leopard Gecko Beginner Guide,” “Top 50 Leopard Gecko FAQ” and “Leopard Gecko Weekly Routine.” All bonus materials are free and valued at $57.

“My goal was to create the most informative and indispensable guide for leopard gecko owners and enthusiasts, and based on the feedback that I’ve received so far, I’ve met my goal,” said Tan. “It would be a mistake to purchase a leopard gecko before reading my new e-book.”

For more information about “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko” or to purchase a copy, visit The e-book is currently available for $19, and is backed by a risk-free, 60-day guarantee.

About “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko

Written by James Tan, expert and leopard gecko owner, “Secrets to Save Your Leopard Gecko is the first comprehensive e-book written on this topic. The book includes tips and guidelines based on seven years of personal experience raising geckos, as well as information from professional breeders and veterinarians. For more information or to purchase a copy of the e-book, visit


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