Avoid Damage to Auto Hobbyist's Restoration Car During the Cold Winter Season: Eastwood Restoration Experts Offer Five Steps to Protect the DIYers Project Vehicle

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Eastwood offers timely tips to the hobbyist to protect a classic car during the long winter months. Car dollies, battery cut-off switch, rust converter and rust encapsulator, battery tender and white lithium grease help get the job done and avoid damage to a hobbyist's car.

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For the ultimate rust remedy, first brush or spray on Eastwood Rust Converter and then prime with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator

The drop in temperature in the Fall is a warning signal that the automotive hobbyist needs to start planning to protect a prized restoration project.

Whether storing the car in the garage or a special storage place, there is a need to be able to move the vehicle(s) around easily and to maximize space. Many do-it-yourself-ers use dollies to help move a project vehicle fit into a tight spot. Eastwood auto restoration expert, Nick Capinski, recommends choosing an auto dolly that fits a hobbyist specific needs.

"There are car dollies that require no floor jack for operation and effortlessly lift and move cars," Capinski noted. Eastwood's Go Jak allows the enthusiast or professional to slip the unit around the tire, pump the lifting lever to gently squeeze the tire between the two rollers, and lift the wheels from the ground. Go Jak has a 1250 lb. capacity for up to 9 inch wide wheels and 1500 lb. capacity for up to 13 inch wide wheels. The ratchet mechanically locks the Go Jak in the raised position, eliminating any hydraulic bleed down or leaks. There is an optional storage rack to hold units when they are not in use.

Other Eastwood car dollies operate without jack capacity, but offer the same ability to move an auto project in any direction. Each of these dollies measure 12 in. width by 16 in length and are constructed of 1/4" (4 gauge) plate steel.

Once the car has been placed in storage, Capinski notes, it is time to pay attention to the battery and assure that it won't have an electrical drain during the winter. The first step is to utilize Eastwood's Battery Cut-Off Switch. This shut-off switch ensures that everything is disconnected once the switch is attached to either the positive or negative terminal of the battery and the cable to the switch. It is advisable to unscrew the knob and disable the car to discourage thieves.

On computer controlled vehicles from 1982 to the present, its wise to use the Computer Memory Saver or Fuse Link to preserve the computer's settings when the battery is disconnected. The Fuse Link will allow enough current through to the maintain computer, radio settings etc. but will not allow car to be started.
If there is no garage to work in during the winter months and the hobbyist is leaving the battery in the car, Capinski notes these precautionary measures. Take the battery out of the tray and clean the tray thoroughly. Water and baking soda will neutralize acid remaining in the tray. Next it is important to remove scale and rust. If rust is resistant to removal, remove any loose rust and wax, oil or grease and then spray or brush on a couple of coats of Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator. This will seal and stop rust and corrosion from spreading. "For the ultimate rust remedy, first brush or spray on Eastwood Rust Converter and then prime with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator," Capinski said.

Batteries in storage can lose significant capacity in just 12 to 20 days, based on weather conditions and battery age. Standard trickle chargers can overcharge and permanently damage the battery. The Eastwood Battery Tender puts an end to this worry. Once the auto enthusiast connects the alligator clips to the battery terminals and plugs it into a wall outlet, it will maintain a 100% charge constantly without damaging the battery. Spark free and temperature compensated, the Eastwood's 6- or 12-volt Battery Tender prevents the car battery from losing significant capacity while in storage. "This is a simple operation; just connect the alligator clips, plug it in, and you're set!" Capinski noted.

If the diyer is going to store engine parts for the winter, Eastwood suggests that they be sprayed down with White Lithium Grease. Its long staying power provides lubrication even in the rain and snow. This is ideal for door hinges, garage doors, and window channels. One precaution: Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection and use in a well ventilated area.

Eastwood markets tools and supplies that get repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles done right. Founded in 1978, Eastwood constantly strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles. Writers are always welcome to use any article in Eastwood's Free Tech Library, with attribution.

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