Chinese Business Ideas Are Starting To Dominate Search Engine Volume As Cloud Computing System Finds Lucrative China Business Niche To Exploit.

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The Internet Time Machine software system has found a large opportunity for Chinese based business ideas. By looking at people who want information on how to deal with China and Chinese business men, the opportunity for an information product and course is outstanding. Large gaps in the supply/demand curves of search engine phrases and results exist, indicating an area of high demand, low supply,and large profit.

"I know China is big, 1.3 billion people, I know they have an enormous middle class emerging, but how do I make money with these two facts?"

Whether you are on Main Street or Wall Street, the growing population and emerging middle class in China is going to drastically alter the way most people do business all over the world over the next 15 years. As most business struggle to either compete with China or to try and sell to products and services to China. The most puzzling question that haunts small and large businesses alike is, "I know China is big, 1.3 billion, I know they have an enormous middle class emerging, but how do I make money with these two facts?"

The new state of the art trend and niche software called The Internet Time Machine has picked up on a massive displacement in search engine supply and demand that could lead to huge profits. "We started seeing a massive spike in English language searches for information on how to do business with Chinese companies and business men about 3 years ago." says Internet Time Machine founder, Curt Dalton. "The interesting part is that there is enormous growing demand for informational products like eBooks or a video series on how to do business with Chinese companies and business men, yet no product exists online for these searches."

The Internet Time Machine recently released a video entitled "Chinese Web Traffic- A Guide To Easy Profits" that shows what people are looking for with the word "China" or "Chinese" in their key phrase, yet can't find any meaningful results for online. "This is a case of demand totally outstripping supply and making it an interesting area of niche profitability." says head of technology, Ali Khan. "The trick to making money online is to find out what people are looking for, and want to buy, but can't find, and then sell them that product or idea" says Khan. "The growth in businesses looking for help in how to deal with Chinese customs, culture, and ideas is phenomenal".
The Internet Time Machine identified over search terms regarding Chinese business help and ideas with over 3.3 billion worldwide broad based search queries. Internet marketing professionals have sat up and taken notice of the power of the Internet Time Machine. "We field corporate requests all day long as companies are struggling to come up with new ideas that are profitable." says Curt. "The exciting part of this discovery is that with translations services so cheap, you could come up with a course or idea and translate the material into German, French, Spanish and Japanese for a very low cost and have tons of free traffic coming to your site from those languages as well".

The Internet Time Machine works in joint company with the new search engine in order to find worldwide trends and niches before anyone else. By incorporating blogs, forums, RSS feeds, XML feed, social media sites, tweets, and video, The Internet Time Machine can monitor worldwide discussion and noun phrases to pick up on what people are looking for but are having a hard time finding.


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