Inspector Scram De La Scam Holds the Solution for eBay, Craigslist and Online Purchasing Scams

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Global Internet consumers can now breathe an inexpensive sigh of relief. A new online company,, features a unique community of over 7,000 nationwide "Lookers" (background check verified) who travel to an item, property or person to perform onsite verification by completing a personalized report including current photos, video, arranging transport and more.

Is the Seller Accurately Depicting the Item?

Why is the price so cheap and please tell me more.

The picture of the 2006 pewter Hummer H2 in an auto magazine looked perfect. Only a couple years old, with low miles, those wheels were made for our driveway. And the price, only $13,000.

The red flags began to fly like at some rainy NASCAR race. Contact was by email. The Hummer was supposedly in Chicago. The husband asked: “Why is the price so cheap and please tell me more.” The answers were vague. Best of all, he was selling the car for a “friend” so he didn’t know much.

The Hummer experience turned out to be a Bummer experience for this couple who eventually hired WeGoLook to validate the existence of the vehicle. It was a good thing they did because there was no such vehicle. Inspector Scram de la Scam saved this couple from making a costly mistake.

WeGoLook provides users with an unbiased, visual confirmation along with photos, video and a report completed by a real person to verify that your purchases, property or even online date actually exists and the seller's claims are valid and not misreprented.

Here’s how it works. Simply go to the website and order a “Look”. Once an order has been placed, WeGoLook will dispatch one of over 7,000 nationwide “Lookers” to quickly complete the personalized report. The customer will receive the e-mailed report with the information, current photos/video and additional information needed to make an informed decision.

Customers save time and money by receiving the independent verification of products or property plus WeGoLook offers addtional services such as delivering an item to a shipper, arranging transport for large items such as autos, boats, exotic pets, providing appraisals, video, audio, photos, providing full background checks for online dates and more. WeGoLook mitigates risk and users gain information they typically wouldn’t have access to.

The thousands of professional Lookers aren't limited to verifying items. Lookers like to assist property owners who are located too far away from their rental or vacation homes by taking photos and video of their properties after storm damage occurs or tenants vacate a property.

Online daters are often the victims of misrepresentation but now have a pair of eyes on the ground. Lookers meet with the dating match to verify their ID and take current photos and video before the customer invests emotional time and travel expenses only to be sorely disappointed.

Business owners can also take advantage of this incredible pool of "Lookers" by dispatching them to validate collateral assets, heavy equipment, cell tower sites, job sites, rent roll and more.

Inspector Scram de la Scam loves WeGoLook and so will the consumer.

And a special postscript to Mr. Craig Newmark and Mr. John Donahoe: Inspector Scram de la Scam is up for adoption and would make a wonderful addition to your family.


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