DragTheBar.com Announces Addition Of Six Premier Poker Coaches

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Poker Training Site Grows Roster with New Teachers Mbolt1, GiantBuddha, 7Delux7, Hatebicycles, Zerosum79, and Forcewithme9.


We definitely have some terrific momentum

Emerging poker training site DragTheBar.com (http://www.dragthebar.com) announced today it has added six new coaches to its already impressive roster. This month, former Stoxpoker.com instructors Matt “mbolt1” Bolt, Paul “Giantbuddha” Hoppe, and Stosh “Hatebicycles” McConnell will be joined by Matt “forcewithme9” Amen, Greg “zerosum79” Jones and Jake “7Delux7” Wilkins as new teachers at DragTheBar.com.

February began much as January ended, with DragTheBar.com making major news in the online poker world. Last month saw DragTheBar.com make two game-changing announcements: First, that legendary player-coach Dusty “leatherass9” Schmidt had joined the site; and second, that the company had acquired training site PokerSwat.com and its library of 240 poker videos.

“We definitely have some terrific momentum,” said DragTheBar.com CEO Hunter Bick, who started the poker training site in May with partners Phil Nagy and Korey Gillis. “The six guys we’re adding are not just great players; they’re great teachers, too. They know how to relate to players across the poker spectrum and help them make significant improvements. Our members are really going to be happy about this news.”

DragTheBar.com now has 17 coaches teaching cash and tournament play in its poker training lineup.

Bolt is a no-limit player who routinely plays as high as $50-$100, with occasional shots at the nosebleed games. He’s played the game professionally for two years, and is an original protégé of Schmidt’s.

“Bolt is a very creative player,” Bick said. “He never auto-pilots. He’s constantly thinking up new plays to confuse opponents and apply pressure. He’ll teach our members how to think on their feet and evolve their games.”

McConnell is a mid-stakes grinder at no-limit, playing as high as $10-$20.

“Stosh is very successful at mid-stakes,” Bick said. “He wins at close to 4BB/100 and he’s got a lot of experience teaching and making impressive videos. I know our members are really going to be pleased with what they see.”

Amen is a popular small-stakes no-limit grinder who has dominated there for a long time.

“Matt is very recognizable at his limits,” Bick said. “He’s a very charismatic, funny guy, and he makes the learning experience enjoyable.”

Bick said Bolt, McConnell and Amen complement each other nicely.

“Amen plays a tighter style than most,” he said. “Bolt is more wild and crazy, and Stosh is sort of an average between the two. The three of them together strengthen our no-limit lineup immensely. Now we have three pros who crush the stakes from $1-$2 to $50-$100 with three different styles. That’s a ton of variety and experience.”

Hoppe will be DragTheBar.com’s first limit hold’em coach. He is a 2BB/100 winner at $10-$20 and has well over a year’s worth of experience making videos and coaching private students. His videos are often a hybrid of live play or analysis and lesson-style presentations.

“I’ve always been particularly impressed with Hoppe’s videos,” said Bick. “He’s also a very active forum member and is currently pursuing SuperNova Elite on Pokerstars.com. His extreme work ethic makes him a tremendous fit at DragTheBar.com.”

On the tournament side, Jones is a sit ‘n’ go specialist with an extensive amount of private coaching experience. Bick said his training videos will typically be delivered in a lesson or presentation style. His expertise is in teaching low-limit sit ‘n’ goes.

“Greg is very popular with his students,” Bick said. “Bringing Greg and Jake on indicates that tournament poker won’t take a back seat to cash games on our site. We’re looking to have an even distribution of tournament and cash coaches, and this is a step in that direction.”

Wilkins has been very successful at multi-table tournaments. Last month he won his second Pocketfives.com Triple Crown and the $500 PLO tournament at the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure.

“Jake’s extensive experience and enthusiasm for poker coaching make him an exciting addition,” Bick said. “A strong tournament game can make some enormous rewards possible, and it’s very important to us that we have coaches that can make those big six and seven-figure scores a real possibility for our members.”

DragTheBar.com boasts affordable memberships and rakeback options at a variety of poker rooms. The site’s poker training videos and poker software are not digital-rights managed (no DRM) and are compatible with iPods and other MP3 players. Alongside poker, the site also offers backgammon, coached by world champion Bill Robertie.

There is no sign-up fee for joining DragTheBar.com, which has one membership level for all stakes and multiple payment options. The site is presently offering a 7-day free trial to all prospective members.

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