Creating Realistic Wealth at Any Age: Wealth Virtues Author, James Ward, Featured on The Balancing Act

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New Year’s Resolutions can be tough to keep, especially ones related to your finances. Wealth Virtues author James Ward talks with The Balancing Act host Danielle Knox about how the virtues of Benjamin Franklin can help keep that resolution, and create realistic wealth and a comfortable retirement income for anyone at any age and income level. James Ward explains how the principals Benjamin Franklin used hundreds of years ago can help you get out of debt and grow your wealth today.

Wealth Virtues is a book that will allow readers to define and achieve wealth regardless of their current age or income level.

Wealth Virtues author, James Ward, was featured on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television with host Danielle Knox to discuss how the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin can help us in these modern times to eliminate debt and create wealth.

In discussing the rationale behind the book, James Ward commented, "With my three girls, I want them to succeed like I feel we have with our financial future. We want to make sure that we are not a burden on them, and use the wisdom from Franklin’s virtues to help empower them to be debt-free, and to be successful in whatever they want to pursue." It is a goal that Ward wanted readers of Wealth Virtues to consider for themselves. James also discusses with Danielle how the creation of wealth is simplistic, and therefore, he wrote Wealth Virtues with simplicity in mind.

James Ward describes how many people mistakenly perceive 'wealth' as the amount of money required for one to live like a king. This perception may inhibit many from even perusing a realistic and easily attainable measure of wealth. In his book, Wealth Virtues, Ward redefines wealth as simply the goal of ‘acquiring more money than you spend, and to save more money than you owe.’ To help readers understand why these virtues matter, James Ward provides knowledge and insight on the impact of health, creativity, non-linear thinking, and investing to allow anyone to achieve his or her goals, as well as to become wealthy as defined within Wealth Virtues.

Wealth Virtues is a book that will allow readers to define and achieve their own wealth regardless of their current age or income level. Whether a person measures wealth in monetary terms or as a measure of the quality and meaning of their life, Wealth Virtues will change the way people live if they are willing to follow the easy path set forth by James Ward, with help from one of America’s preeminent Founding Fathers.

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Wealth Virtues by James Ward is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online outlets including the Resource Store at

Embracing Benjamin Franklin's virtue of Humility, James Ward will donate ten percent of his earnings from Wealth Virtues to First Book, an organization that provides new books to children in need.

Wealth Virtues
Written by James Ward
ISBN-13: 978-1-60844-636-0
ISBN-10: 1-60844-636-0
Category: Personal Finance
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Paperback 160 pages
Retail Cost: $11.95

Visit for more information on the book, links to online bookstores, useful tools, recommended reading, and to view the interview on The Balancing Act.

Wealth Virtues is also available for the Kindle at

About the Author:

James Ward is wealthy. Not “John D. Rockefeller wealthy,” but rather, has more money flowing in than flowing out. He is or has been a successful computer scientist, Coast Guardsman, Army officer, analyst, musician, graphic designer, skier, manager for a defense contractor, business owner, and a writer. He is also a successful investor, but lives well within his means. As the owner of Poor Richard Web Press, he helps businesses, non-profits, and individuals succeed with their Internet marketing goals. He also helps other writers and authors with free online marketing tools at, and is a contributor to First Book, an organization that provides new books to children in need. Although his savings and investments continue to grow from the continual practice of Dr. Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues while following the Cycle of Positive Wealth©, he realizes that his only true and most valuable treasure is his family and friends.

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