California Midnight Movies / 51 Short Movies Based on Cities of California Released with Cannes Market

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Los Angeles, California; “Omer Pasha Movies” have now turned into “California Midnight Movies” and taken over the cities of Glendale, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Los Angeles and Santa Clara. Seven compilations of thriller short movies based on these cities of California have been produced in 2010. These short movies are based on brand new electro, dancefloor, rave, extended and tribal club remixes produced and sung by Omer Pasha. An album of 16 tracks ‘Who Are You (Blue Toys Club Mix)’ now out on iTunes.

Omer Pasha still from "Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)"

Omer Pasha still from "Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)"

A New Hollywood Cinema

In this epic American-Canadian city rampage the original story of the curse follows of the evil witch after Pasha who curses the three girls in Pasha’s life. There is haunting, dancing, lusting, disco, escape, adventures taking place in the cities of Glendale, Sacramento, Santa Barbara , San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Clara, New York, Vancouver, BC and Toronto, Ontario.
The Movie Compilations of “California Midnight Movies” follow:
1.    Who Are You (Glendale Edition)             16 music videos    
2.    Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)         17 music videos    
3.    The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edit) 3 music videos    
4.    Who Are You (San Diego Edition)     3 music videos    
5.    Who Are You (Santa Monica Edition)     3 music videos    
6.    Who Are You (Hollywood City Edit)     4 music videos    
7.    Who Are You (Santa Clara Shoot)     5 music videos    

These brand new epic saga movie compilations of 51 short movies/music videos have been completed on September 18,2010 by Omer Pasha now available on Cannes Market, All movies appear in Cannes Film Festival movie/videos section on As well available on Youtube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Sevenload, Viddler, Myspace, Blip TV and MTVU.

“California Midnight Movies” on Youtube:

‘Who Are You (Glendale Edition)’ is main compilation that sparks of the rest of the six movie compilations. All movies follow two story lines; to win your first love and the story of ‘The Curse’ of how Pasha saves the witch with the power of faith.The Glendale Edition reveals Pasha’s obsession with Caucasian women being his first love.The message follows to go for your first love and “don’t go for the second best” if you cannot avail it put it to the test. Pasha explains his first love is the “Caucasian” who the evil witch interferes with.

The Madonna Message: Pasha derives his thematic message in his remixed music videos of ‘The Curse’ from Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ music video.Pasha presents this message through french subtitles in his videos ‘Don’t go for second best’. ‘Put your love to the test’. As well as the vocals are performed harshly, violently and dominantly to put the message through to win your first love rather than to go for the second, the second ‘best’ is never enough.

In the remixed music video editions of “Who Are You” Pasha deliberately derives his thematic message from Madonna’s ‘Open Your Heart’ music video. Pasha in his dance portrays himself someone wanting to love but is ‘trapped’ if released he ‘can empower you with so much love.’
‘the ability to love so greatly but trapped.’ The french subtitles confirm this message.

The main edit in black and white “Who Are You (Blue Toys Club Mix) music video is a medley of ‘The Curse’ and ‘Who Are You’ remixes from which the film takes off.

Omer Pasha sexually stimulates himself and is sexually stimulated in Who Are You (Sacramento Edition), (San Diego Edition), (Santa Monica Edition) , (Hollywood City Edit), (Santa Clara Shoot) for his all white caucasian fantasy with two girls Shannon Ostrom and Nikki that symbolize, for Pasha, all caucasian people in the world. And Pasha makes this message very direct and clear through french subtitles in all the short movies. ‘The Curse Creature’ derives power from Christian and Jewish rituals. The movies also fall under the genre of ‘erotic thriller.’

All movies have been filmed/camera work by Malaika CH. as main D.O.P Director of Photography. Other D.O.Ps include Omer Pasha and Farhat Pasha themselves. Omer Pasha is the editor ,director, distributor and producer to all the films that fall under “California Midnight Movies.”

Actors include Omer Pasha,himself and Farhat Pasha with Nikki and Shannon Ostrom in all the films.

“The Curse Creature”

The Curse Creature is a horror looking creature that wears a black cloak and just wants to have sex with white women. The Curse Creature loves and believes in Jesus Christ and vividly exposes himself in the Santa Barbara Edition on ‘The Curse.’

Who Are You (Glendale Edition)

1.    Who Are You (Blue Toys Club Mix) (Glendale Edition)
2.    Who Are You (Blue Rave Mix 1) (Glendale Edition)
3.    Who Are You (Blue Rave Mix 2)    (Glendale Edition)
4.    The Curse (Blue Dancefloor Mix) (Glendale Edition)
5.    Who Are You (Blue Flute Mix) (Glendale Edition)
6.    The Curse (Blue Psychic Mix) (Glendale Edition)
7.    The Curse (Blue Extended Mix) (Glendale Edition)
8.    The Curse (Blue Euro Mix) (Glendale Edition)
9.    The Curse (Blue Odyssey Mix) (Glendale Edition)
10.    Who Are You (Blue Dancefloor Mix) (Glendale Edition)
11.    Who Are You (Blue Radio Mix) (Glendale Edition)
12.    The Curse (Blue Electro Mix) (Glendale Edition)
13.    The Curse (Blue Rain Mix) (Glendale Edition)    
14.    Who Are You (Blue Electro Mix) (Glendale Edition)
15.    The Curse (Blue Radio Mix) (Glendale Edition)
16.Who Are You (Blue Tribal Mix) (Glendale Edition)

Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)

1.    Who Are You (Blue Toys Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
2.    The Curse (Odyssey Mix) (Sacramento Edit)
3.    The Curse (Psychic Mix) (Sacramento Edit)
4.    The Curse (Rain Mix) (Sacramento Edit)
5.    Who Are You (Rave Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
6.    The Curse (Extended Mix) (Sacramento Edit)
7.    The Curse (Euro Mix) (Sacramento Edit)
8.    Who Are You (Dancefloor Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
9.    The Curse (Sacramento Special Edition)
10.    Who Are You (Radio Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
11.    Who Are You (Electro Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
12.    The Curse (Dancefloor Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
13.    Who Are You (Flute Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
14.    The Curse (Electro Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
15.    Who Are You (Sacramento Special Edition)
16.    Who Are You (Tribal Mix)(Sacramento Edit)
17.    The Curse (Radio Mix) (Sacramento Edit)


1.    The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edition) 1
2.    The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edition) 2
3.    The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edition) 3

Who Are You (San Diego Edition)

1.    Who Are You (Dancefloor Mix)(San Diego Edit)
2.    Who Are You (Electro Mix)(San Diego Edit)
3.    Who Are You (Radio Mix)(San Diego Edit)

Who Are You (Santa Monica Edition)

1.    Who Are You (Flute Mix)(Santa Monica Edit)
2.    Who Are You (Rave Mix 2)(Santa Monica Edit)
3.    The Curse (Odyssey Mix)(Santa Monica Edit)

Who Are You (Hollywood City Edition)

1.    The Curse (Rain Mix)(Hollywood Edit)
2.    Who Are You (Blue Toys Club Mix)(Hollywood Edit)
3.    Who Are You (Tribal Mix)(Hollywood Edit)
4.    Who Are You (Rave Mix 1)(Hollywood Edit)


1.    Santa Clara Shoot 1
2.    Santa Clara Shoot 2
3.    Santa Clara Shoot 3
4.    Santa Clara Shoot 4
5.    Santa Clara Shoot 5


Omer Pasha Youtube Channel :
California Midnight Movies :

Who Are You (Glendale Edition) [Cannes Market Link]

Who Are You (Sacramento Edition) [Cannes Market Link]

Who Are You (Hollywood City Edit) [Cannes Market Link]

The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edition) [Cannes Market Link]
All movies are available to view on the Cannes Market website for registered members and companies only. Non-members can view on youtube or blip tv.

Soundtrack to all the movies “Who Are You (Blue Toys Club Mix)” [iTunes Link]
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