Narconon Graduate Advises on Methadone Addiction

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Recent graduate of drug rehab program relays her experience with methadone and how drug-free treatment saved her life.

Methadone was developed as a substitute treatment, used by those struggling with heroin addiction. The theory is that one will substitute the methadone for their heroin addiction, reducing withdrawal symptoms, and then they will be weaned off of the methadone.

Unfortunately, theories do not always display the outcome. One Narconon graduate reveals her experience of using methadone as a substitute for her synthetic heroin addiction.

“I got on methadone to get off heroin and Oxy Contin which was a huge mistake,” explains Heather, a former methadone addict and recent graduate of the Narconon program. “I stopped taking heroin but developed a dependency towards the methadone. For me, methadone was even more addictive than the Oxy Contin or Heroin. ”

For more than 35 years methadone has been used to treat opioid addiction, such as an addiction to heroin or Oxy Contin. More recently, concern has been raised that methadone can be just as devastating of an addiction as the drugs it is intended to replace.

“I was on methadone for 9 years and it totally destroyed my body,” said Heather, “As a result to the prolonged us of methadone, I developed an underactive thyroid, requiring me to take medication for the rest of my life. I also developed a severe calcium and magnesium deficiency from the methadone, causing me to have body cramps almost a year and a half later. The withdrawals from methadone are far worse than those from heroin.”

Today, methadone has become more frequently encountered on the illicit market and has been associated with several overdose deaths. Emergency department and mortality data provided by the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) and reporting from law enforcement agencies indicate that methadone abuse is increasing.

“We are seeing more and more people seek out help for their addiction to methadone,” says Derry Hallmark Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and Senior Director for Expansion for Narconon Arrowhead. “Most of these people started using the methadone to help with their heroin addiction with no intention of becoming addicted to a new substance.”

Narconon, an inpatient methadone treatment program, offers a drug-free approach to rehabilitation. The facility specializes in handing methadone and heroin addiction as well as addiction to all drugs and alcohol including prescription drug addiction.

“I wish I would have tried Narconon before using methadone for my heroin addiction,” says Heather, “Narconon offered immediate help and truly cared about my well-being. They handled the full extent of my addiction; the physical and mental issues surrounding my drug problem and did this using a method that was totally drug free.”

Narconon fully handles addiction to substitute drugs through their successful methadone treatment and achieves a more than 70% success rate for permanent sobriety from addiction.

“Thanks to Narconon, I am no longer dependent on drugs or medication. I have found permanent sobriety,” says Heather. “I could not have done this on my own.”

For more information on successful methadone treatment for you or someone you know contact Narconon Arrowhead today at 800-468-6933 or log onto


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