Builds Wrist and Forearm Strength Fast -- New Lightweight, Portable Exerciser

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Pro Wrist builds powerful wrists and forearms using friction. It strengthens all three sets of wrist and forearm muscles - wrist rolling, wrist twisting, and wrist cocking. It quickly increases muscle size and maximizes muscle strength. When used for therapy it speeds wrist and forearm rehabilitation from injuries and surgery. Pro Wrist may be used while sitting or lying down; it is compact and portable and makes a great traveling companion.

Pro Wrist builds strong wrists and forearms by strengthening wrist muscles and the connective wrist tissues (tendons, ligaments,and cartilage) that form the intricate joint structures of the wrist and forearm.

Strengthens ALL wrist and forearm muscles:
Pro Wrist performs multiple exercise movements allowing it to strengthen the wrist rolling (flexor / extensor) muscles. It also builds the crucial, and often times ignored, wrist twisting (supination / pronation), and wrist cocking (abduction / aduction) muscles that are necessary for developing complete wrist and forearm strength.

Cuts wrist and forearm workout time in half:
Pro Wrist’s patented design pits “flexing muscles” against “extending muscles” simultaneously - balancing the strength training of both sets of muscles and cutting workout time in half.

Maximizes sports performance and minimizes sports injuries:
The Pro Wrist is lightweight, compact, and easily transportable for use at home, at the office, on the bus, in the locker room, on the bench, in the dugout, in the training room; anywhere. Its works equally well for strengthening and for pre-exertion warm ups, keeping wrist and forearm muscles limber during activity pauses, and for post-exertion cool downs.

Speeds wrist and forearm muscle strengthening, rehabilitation, and therapy:
Pro Wrist permits targeted, individualized strengthening and therapy movements to be prescribed by the attending Athletic Trainer (AT), Occupational Therapist (OT), and Physical Therapist (PT).
It allows “patient controlled active therapy” workouts for maximum joint manipulation through a range of motion (ROM) facilitating the most rapid recovery from wrist and forearm injuries while lessening the chance of “overloading” healing structures during rehabilitation.

Why the Pro Wrist works:
The Pro Wrist exerciser is powered by an assembly of nineteen interlocking ball and socket parts. There are eighteen joints between these parts that act like “brakes” and resist movement through friction. This patented assembly creates resistance “across the complete range of motion performed.” Force must be continuously exerted on the assembly in order to alter its shape. The application of this force across a range of motion is what allows Pro Wrist to thoroughly and completely strengthen and affect the totality of wrist and forearm muscles.

Pro Wrist specifications:
25’ long. 2” in diameter. Weighs only 9 ounces (right at half a pound)

Pro Wrist is For Sale Now:
Available at for $39.95 which includes FREE priority shipping to locations within the United States.
Proudly made by Americans in San Marcos, Texas by HeartFlex, Inc.


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