US Business Owner has courage to do what is right....Keep jobs and create careers in America!

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After 25 years, Large US Manufacturer ends business relationship with small US Business for an off shore, Chinese importer for lower prices. Phil Ramos, Jr., owner and CEO of Philatron Wire and Cable remains committed to US manufacturing and rebuilding industrial infrastructure in America.

“Damn the torpedoes – Full speed ahead!”, the famous battle cry of Phil Ramos, Jr., a U.S. Navy veteran and owner/CEO of Philatron Wire and Cable

With current claims of assurance by Chinese President Hu that China is an economic partner and not a military threat to the U.S., Phil Ramos, Jr., CEO, Founder and Owner of Philatron Wire & Cable, Santa Fe Springs, CA. ponders why his company has so many things in common with America itself. And he cannot help but perceive conflicts that the United States has had in its history being played out in front of his eyes on a smaller but not insignificant scale in the world of manufacturing.

Is it fate or coincidence that on December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, also known as the Day of Infamy, that Philatron was given notice by a customer of 25 years, that it was dropping Philatron to switch to a Chinese importer? Is it fate or coincidence that the owner of Philatron was born on the 4th of July? Is it fate or coincidence that the competitive spirits of the people of Philatron were raised upon hearing the sad news - as the competitive spirits of the people of American were raised to awaken a Sleeping Giant?

“Damn the torpedoes – Full speed ahead!”, the famous battle cry of Phil Ramos, Jr., a U.S. Navy veteran, which his employees are accustomed to hearing whenever challenges spring up at Philatron. “We will continue to do what is right. Create jobs in America. We will continue to make high quality Made in America products. We will continue to re-engineer and rebuild our manufacturing infrastructure. And we will continue to WIN this economic battle!”

Unlike many competitors, Philatron refuses to offshore jobs to China. As a result of the persistent belief to keep America employed, Philatron has lost 90% of its tractor-to-trailer coiled cable business resulting in millions of lost revenues from American heavy duty truck manufacturers.

Is the CEO of Philatron unrealistic? Is there more to business than just profit? Is keeping jobs in America a stand alone battle? Phil Ramos, Jr., who has served on the Orange County California Business Conference Ethic Panel, states that in addition to supporting Philatron’s mission to save and create jobs in America, Philatron refuses to outsource to China for many reasons.

However, in spite of the recession and losing millions of dollars to competitors who outsource to China, Philatron continues to grow and create jobs and build careers. Philatron expects to continue its growth as a leader in wire and cable innovation in the Aerospace, Electrical Vehicle, Custom Cable, Photovoltaic (Solar), High Speed Rail, Military, Wind Energy, Sea Energy, OEM, Medical and Public Utilities markets. As an example, Philatron brand Philafin™ extreme temperatures cables (+125°C to -65°C) are the power cables of choice by the U.S. Marines in the extreme temperatures of Afghanistan. In the “Green Energy” field, Philatron provided a large Southern California utility corporation which supports U.S. manufacturers, with miles of power cables for one of the largest wind energy farms in history.

Yes! Philatron expects more growth even in the Heavy Duty Trucking market where it has already lost millions from truck manufacturers. Philatron plans to educate owner operators and fleets on the many benefits of Philatron longer lasting “Made in America” products. Philatron believes that the American Trucking Industry wants “Made in America” products to support growth and jobs in the heavy duty trucking industry. Philatron markets and believes that its Stallion Brand lines are the best in the industry and will keep safer truckers moving ahead when they put a “Stallion behind their Iron Horses!”

As Phil Ramos, Jr. continues to ponder, he wonders why our own U.S. government continues to do so little to support our once-great manufacturing infrastructure. He hopes that they will soon open their eyes and develop the courage to do what is right to bring manufacturing jobs back to America and again wake up the Sleeping Giant!

About Philatron Wire and Cable: Philatron Wire and Cable is an award winning family owned manufacturer located in Santa Fe Springs, Ca (Los Angeles County). In 2008 Philatron won the prestigious Orange County Medium Family of the Year Award. With over 37 years of success and offering more than a combined 150 years of electrical engineering experience - company founder, Phil Ramos, Jr. states, "The responsibility of manufacturing safety and electrical current is our main concern from the beginning of manufacturing to the end users of our product".
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