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It's Now Easier to Know (And Change) Your Body Type. One of the Internet's Foremost Strength and Exercise Websites, Allows You to Create the Body You Want. is making it easier than ever for people interested in health and fitness to understand their body types. With a brand new section added to their website dealing specifically with the main body types, or somatotypes, which are used for classification purposes, beginner and expert fitness enthusiasts alike can learn more about their own bodies and then put that information to work immediately to improve training and overall fitness success.
Aaron McCloud, owner of, says that this information is crucial because the traditional body types are misunderstood, and that there are, "Many common misconceptions regarding the body type that an individual has, and these misconceptions hinder the success of fitness plans for thousands upon thousands of everyday people like you and me."
The three classic body types are ectomorphs, who are tall and skinny, mesomorphs, who are strong, muscular and solid, and endomorphs, who are shorter and stouter, and gain fat easily. The new section at on exposes several major problems with this information.
First, the "science" used to declare these body types wasn't very scientific at all, and is littered with judgments, assumptions and flawed research. Secondly, it assumes that individuals cannot change their body type.
McCloud is out to set the record straight however, and is confident that, "With diligent work, anybody can change their body type." It actually all comes down to the right workouts, nutritional plans, and motivation.
That's where the rest of the Complete Strength Training site comes into play. The website features a wide range of tips, resources and information for individuals of all experience and knowledge levels. Different exercise equipment, books, types of exercises, workout strategies, best practices and full routines are discussed and shared, providing an invaluable collection of information for anyone looking to become fitter, healthier and stronger.
Learning about different body types is a useful first step for an individual seeking to understand where they currently stand with their fitness level and physique. However, it's not a genetic "truth" or a permanent "condition". If anything, it's a descriptor, and any motivated individual, armed with the right knowledge, can transform his or her body into their ideal image with hard work and commitment.
That's what the new section of is all about. Coupled with the rest of the website's in-depth collection of fitness resources, any individual looking to improve his or her health and fitness can visit the website to make quick and immediate gains and improvements.

ABOUT is an website specializing in strength training, exercise, and fitness information. Headquartered in WA, the company is committed to providing up-to-date information that will allow anyone to get stronger and healthier. For additional information, please visit

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