"Revolutionary" Tooth Decay Treatment Makes a Comeback

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Black Crow Enterprises, Inc., an innovative nutritional supplement company announces the formulation of "The Dental Essentials," vitamin supplements designed to help prevent tooth decay based on early, groundbreaking research linking tooth decay to vitamin deficiencies.

Preventing cavities naturally through nutrition

"When I first came across this research, I thought 'how have I never heard of this before?'"

Black Crow Enterprises, Inc, a new and innovative nutritional supplement company, is pleased to announce the creation of "The Dental Essentials", the first nutritional supplements specifically designed to help prevent tooth decay. The company, based in Vancouver, Canada, produces "The Dental Essentials" in NY state and currently distributes them worldwide from their online store with an eye on wholesale distribution in the near future.

According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, tooth decay affects more than one-fourth of U.S. children aged 2–5 and half of those aged 12–15. Children from low income families have even higher rates of tooth decay.

"With so many families struggling with cavities, there is a real demand for effective alternatives," says founder, Melinda Friedman. "Especially for families that are doing everything right, they brush, they floss, they limit sugar, and still they develop cavities every year."

Formulation of "The Dental Essentials" began after Melinda reviewed the remarkable results of research conducted in England and the US in the 1920s and 30s. Working entirely with nutrition and vitamin supplementation, researchers consistently achieved over 90% reduction in cavities. Results were published in peer reviewed journals of the day, including Lancet and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and were heralded as "revolutionary" by the British Government.

"When I first read the research," says Melinda, " I thought, 'how have I never heard of this before?' Then I realized I wasn't alone, today this early research is all but forgotten. I think if families knew that treating tooth decay as a vitamin deficiency has had outstanding results, they would want to know more."

Black Crow Enterprises worked closely with 30 year veterans of the vitamin industry, Vitamix Labs of New York, to produce the liquid and tablet forms of "The Dental Essentials." Among other ingredients, the supplements each contain vitamin D3 as well as vitamin K2 (as MK4 and MK7).

"The Japanese and Europeans are way ahead of us on vitamin K2 research," says Melinda, "they've been at it for a couple of decades, we're just getting started in North America. Locating a suitable liquid source was a challenge, but we're very happy with the final products."

The CDC states that in 2009, 102 billion dollars was spent on dental services in the U.S. and that the rate of tooth decay in children aged 2-4 is still increasing. Black Crow Enterprises recognizes the need for alternative and cost effective treatments for tooth decay.

"Approaching prevention through nutrition and vitamin supplementation has worked remarkably well in the past," says Melinda. "and even though the early groundbreaking researchers like Weston Price and May Mellanby are no longer household names, their "revolutionary" work is making a comeback."

For additional information on "The Dental Essentials" or the news contained in this release, please contact Melinda Friedman at melinda(at)thedentalessentials(dot)com or at 604 874 0775. The product website, http://www.thedentalessentials.com and the blog, http://www.thedentalessentials.wordpress.com can also provide additional information.

About Black Crow Enterprises, Inc.:
Black Crow Enterprises, Inc. is a new and innovative nutritional supplement company singularly focused on preventing cavities through nutrition. Their line of supplements, "The Dental Essentials" helps develop and maintain highly mineralized teeth that are significantly less prone to decay. Based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada and produced in N.Y. with worldwide distribution online at http://www.thedentalessentials.com.


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