"Inter-Xect," the 5 in 1 Multi Dimensional Search Engine by T&C Vectors Inc, is Now Free for Individuals

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T&C Vectors launches a next generation Multi Dimensional Search & Engage Engine - Inter-Xect (http://www.Inter-Xect.com). It's Free for Individuals. Try it today!

Inter-Xect is designed to work with 6 core entities - individual people, universities, communities and large-medium-small enterprises.

Enterprises and people are allowed to broadcast structured systematic Information through the inter-xect broadcasting engine. This broadcast information is available for search at the Inter-xect search engines.

So, how is it different from a Google search? Google and traditional search engines collect information by scanning through web pages on the internet. They are specialists in searching for unstructured information.

At Inter-Xect people and enterprises broadcast systematic structured intelligent information or data for search. This information can be about a product, a job, finance, property, services, books, blogs, exhibitions, events, new product launches, news etc. (There are several other Categories as well.)

The search engine also has 5 core search variations for searching at inter-xect

1) search by keywords
2) Search by broadcast content
3) Search by enterprise or Individual Name
4) Assisted search is an Intelligent search engine tool to assist you in finding most important and common search items.
5) It has an Integrated web search engine -( Microsoft's Bing) to display Internet web search results when sufficient broadcast results are not available.

By allowing people, enterprises or communities to broadcast, this search Engine allows people to engage with other people, enterprises to engage with other enterprises, and people to engage with enterprises.

For example: If an enterprise broadcasts that it requires people for a job, people can find this information on the search engine and Intersect with the enterprise. If a Person broadcasts that he's looking for a job an enterprise could find him online and offer a job.

Similarly, if one enterprise offers software services or engineering services, another enterprise can intersect with the enterprise by utilizing its services. So, it can be a great marketing tool to reach people and other Enterprises.

Similarly, people can find and read other people's blogs, share information, buy each other's property and form communities with a purpose.

Inter-Xect creates a totally connected world intersecting all entities at one single point. It also makes information available accurately and systematically.

The Intelligent broadcast that's been mentioned allows information broadcasts to be targeted geographically. So, searches for information can be geographically specific or geographically neutral ("Any Geography").

To have a clearer understanding - one may read the Help files at the search engine address: http://www.Inter-Xect.com

T&C Vectors Inc is next generation firm, also working on Intelligent systems.

More information is available at http://www.Tcvectors.com.


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