2nd Fermentation of Pirate's Rose ChARRdonnay Sails Into the WineARRy Log Book

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GrigiARR Pirates make VineYARRd history by creating a line of piracy themed wines on a modern day pirate ship.

The yacht maties at Pirate's Rose Wines has just bottled their 2nd fermentation aboard Captain Kenny Mac's modern day pirate ship. The Bourg Royal-ChARRdonay could become a tasty FUN brand with the right sponsorSHIP.

“Pirate plundered pleasures are admired by all, so my band of buccaneers figures thARR should be a line of piracy themed wines. With names like ChARRdonnay, ArrrGasm bubbly, Pinot NoiARR, Pirate’s CellARR, bARRdeaux, Pinot grigiARR, WildARR Wine and more, it would kick off any dinner party or cruise theme just toasting with ChARRRd and shipwrecking the English language,” bellows Captain Kenny Mac, creatARR of the unique wines. He continues to say, “Mi sistARR and I used to 'YARR' at each other for hours while popping bottles. ThARR's a little thirsty Pirate pARRty in all families!"

The crew’s chief Hawaiian mermaid, NanSea, submits that besides a fun Florida market, a Pirate’s wine would win in Hawaii or any sandy tourist area! About the Skallawag’s unique theme and bottle designs, David Felan, consultant for 2500 wines in a Texas retail chain, says he knows of people buying the bottles for label designs alone. Piratess MistySea claims “Every wench would love a Pink Pirate’s Zinfull Rose,” and Capt. StephyWilder exclaims “ARR you ready for a WildARR Wine Dine?”

A few crew mates are taking their ChARRdonnay to MARRRti Gras this year, so look out when Bourbon Street meets their Cross Roses!

Pirate’s Rose is not for sale at this time, and is purely made as a social wine on board a Bluewater Yacht. However there "arrr" hundreds of yacht owners and wine-tresAAR hunters the Caribbean that would enjoy co-owning a playful, yet serious line of wine. Besides the potential individual investors, the band of bARRdeaux Buccaneers are now pitching their ideas to major winARRries about a pirate pleasing production deal.

“Yar Har Har and a bottle of Pinot GrigiARR”.

Sea @ http://www.piratesrose.com    
E@ crew(at)piratesrose(dot)com

*Pirate’s Spirited thanks to ChristyB, Inna, Kelly NS, Marsha, lilStacy, Alexis, Bufkin, Erick, Grady, Capt. Rod, Caseyface, Shayla, Wilder, Ren-A, S. Powers, Stu, Nina, Minsk, Caroline, Mollie, RedLisa, Cannon, Ester, Ms Chevech’e, Kristah, Kevin, ParisAmber, NanSea, Roylinda, Janna, Jordan, Prissie, Kaylan, Ashleeeeeee, Hanna, Rad, Karra, Davie, ElisaKissah, Luna, Cierra, Carissa, Chrystal, Christie, Cole, CortneyMes, Ratchel, (Not O’hoot, cuz he nixed the first batch-LOL), MistySea, A-Zooo, Milisa, Kepler, Katie, Linz, Lala, Lauren, Larry, Murdoch n Mayer, Marcello, FireEater, Wess-Heather, Khrista, Gfield, J.T., Will, Ben, Dawn&Sunny, LPeters, Marley, Connie, Mark, Capt. Brad, EllenStars, Donny, Shawn, Anahee, A-Wake, Monroe, Clay, Matt, Belinda, Blakely, Blevins, Blythe, Bobby, M&DaddyBuz, BigLee, BigAndy, Nick n Neph, Brookie, Jos’eMike, Bianka, BuddyAnn, Becca, Brad, Barry, Dr. Blake, Nicole, Amber #2, , Amina, Erick, Kat, Jo Jo, Janel, SteveSki, Lisa-Steph, SaraT, Holley, Tiffany and all the other souls brave enough to toast on mi Pirate Ship at full sail.    Capt. K-Mac

Avast thARRr be truth: Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. -- Benjamin Franklin

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