Could Hypnosis Cure Lindsay Lohan? A Florida Hypnotists Says Yes

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A Florida Hypnotist Claims He can Transform Actress Lindsay Lohan's Life

Florida Hypnotist Dr. Harlan Kilstein claims he can stop the endless destructive cycle in actress Lindsay Lohan's life. celebrity news reports that Lohan could be indicted for allegedly shoplifting jewelry. Lohan who is still on probation for DUI charges could now be returned to jail.

"Lindsay Lohan's life is a run away train heading for the cliff," said hypnosis expert Dr. Harlan Kilstein. "She is moving from one destructive event in her life to another. Rehab has clearly failed."

Kilstein boldly stated that Lohan needed a powerful "Pattern Interrupt" delivered with hypnosis to make the change lasting and effective. As an expert in personal change, Kilstein stated the right interrupt could transform Lohan's life.

Kilstein challenged the Los Angeles District Attorney's office, "Don't return this woman to jail or another stint in rehab. Get her to a competent hypnotist."

Lohan, once a childhood star is now found on the pages of tabloids and gossip columns for her latest career ending breaks. Just this year, Huffington Post reported that Lohan lost a major role staring as Linda Lovelace because she was sentenced to rehab.

"Lohan is actually attracting these incidents into her life," said Kilstein. Her mind is creating endless possibilities for failure rather than successes." He wondered, "How many more career crashes will it take before no producer will risk hiring her?"

The fastest way to change a behavior is with hypnosis. It's been approved by both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association for behavioral change.

"Is Lohan hypnotizable?" Kilstein answered that only 3 types of people are not hypnotizable including people of low IQ, people, paranoid schizophrenics, and people on mind-altering drugs. "Lohan's recreational drug use should not be an impediment."

Kilstein is a strong believer in the Law of Attraction. "You are always attracting something - either positive or negative. Lohan is always attracting the negative. It's time for a change to interrupt this cycle."

"I'm confident I can turn this woman's life around," said Kilstein who has been doing hypnosis since 1975. "I'm ready to fly to Los Angeles if the DA thinks this is a better idea than a return to jail for Lohan."

Kilstein's website is dedicated to combining hypnosis with the Law of Attraction.

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