Kentucky Plastic Surgeons Now Performing Post-Bariatric Procedures

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To serve the growing group of men and women who have had bariatric surgery, the plastic surgeons at Calobrace Plastic Surgery are adding post-bariatric procedures to their practice. These procedures remove excess skin to refine weight loss results.

The plastic surgeons at Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center (, board-certified Kentucky plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley Calobrace and dual board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi, have a passion for staying ahead-of-the-curve. They constantly improve the quality of care they provide to their patients by gauging their needs and developing successful solutions. Drs. Calobrace and Mizuguchi have been seeing an increasing number of people who are seeking to remove excess skin and reduce residual fat deposits after bariatric surgery, and they've responded with a group of procedures to refine weight loss results.

"Bariatric surgery is an exciting advancement," says Dr. Calobrace. "Not only does it help people improve their appearance, it can also make a dramatic difference in their overall quality of life. These bariatric surgery patients have worked hard to achieve their weight loss goals, so they deserve to have results that they love. That's where we come in. As plastic surgeons, we add the 'finishing touch' after bariatric surgery."
The primary cosmetic concern after bariatric surgery is excess skin. Skin becomes stretched as people gain weight. When they lose the weight, skin cannot contract sufficiently to be tight against the new, slimmer body contours. The excess skin can make it difficult to see and fully appreciate weight loss.

"Patients come to us because they're frustrated by flaps or folds of skin on their upper arms, abdomen, chest, and other areas of their body," explains Dr. Mizuguchi. "Surgery is really the only way to eliminate that excess skin. For example, at our practice in Louisville, we use tummy tuck, body lift, arm lift, and other excisional procedures to restore firm skin and reveal the slim new body shape."

After bariatric surgery, patients may also be frustrated by small pockets of fat that didn't completely resolve with weight loss. It's actually very common for a few "trouble spots" to remain. Liposuction helps patients in Lexington sculpt these isolated pockets of fat and fine-tune a variety of areas.

"Our post-weight loss patients are incredibly strong men and women," says Dr. Calobrace. "They've gone the extra mile to make positive changes in their lives. That's why, even though it may mean additional surgery, our patients decide that it's well worth it to eliminate any frustrating imperfections. We're here to support them in that."

Offering post-bariatric procedures is certainly not the only way the surgeons at Calobrace have crafted solutions to better serve their community. And they continue to do more, including their decision to offer a new 4D breast imaging system. "We really do care about our patients," explains Dr. Mizuguchi. "We're absolutely committed to doing our best for them and being their advocate as they take important steps. We're passionate about finding even better ways to help them on that journey."

Calobrace Plastic Surgery ( is a comprehensive surgical and nonsurgical center featuring Calobrace Breast Center, Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center, and CaloSpa Rejuvenation Center. Both Dr. Bradley Calobrace and Dr. Nana Mizuguchi are board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and have received years of training in general surgery and in plastic surgery, specifically. They have served as clinical instructors for the University of Louisville's Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and both perform a full range of treatments including breast, body, and facial plastic surgery for Louisville, KY patients.


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