President Obama Quits Smoking Again. Will This Time be for Good?

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First Lady Michelle Obama reveals the President has been smoke free for a year. Obama has attempted to quit smoking several times before. Now a Florida hypnotist rushes to the President's rescue.

The White House Press Conference took an unexpected turn yesterday when reporters asked about the First Lady's claim that the President has been smoke free for a year. Reporters wanted to know if her report was true.

According to a wide number of press reports, the President has tried to quit smoking several times before. Each time has ended in failure as he has been repeatedly photographed with cigarettes in his hand.

Now, a Florida hypnotist claims the President is doing it all wrong and he's coming to the rescue. Dr. Harlan Kilstein states there are two aspects to quitting smoking. One is the actual act of quitting which is quite simple. But the second part is more complicated and that is where most smokers fail.

The first part, as the White House Press Secretary stated is, "to try to overcome the physical addiction." This is easier said than done. The second part which was not mentioned is to overcome the triggers that get people to smoke.

Kilstein said, "Most people smoke according to patterns. After meals, during regular breaks, or during times of stress, people reach for a cigarette. And these times are powerful anchors compelling the person to go back to their old habit."

Mrs. Obama confirmed in a Washington Post interview that the President has been smoke free for almost a year. Kilstein was unimpressed.

"I've seen people go back to smoking in times of extreme stress if they did not find something else to replace the habit. The President's job is extremely stressful and it is possible that any day he will pick up the habit again."

Kilstein is sending a copy of his Hypnotic Secret recordings to the White House and hopes the President will use them. The recordings combine the Law of Attraction with hypnosis. Kilstein states, "These recordings will provide the exact self-hypnosis experience the President needs to eliminate his habit forever."

"Any time someone quits smoking, unless they use hypnosis, there is a good chance the habit will reappear," he stated.

Dr. Kilstein's successes are reported on his site


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