Unique Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator Uses Historical Data and Futures Contracts

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Mortgagecalculator3.com combines historical data, futures contracts and dynamic visualization tools to provide insightful adjustable rate mortgage comparisons. The new tool makes calculating variable rate mortgage payments simple and easy.

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By combining futures contracts and historical data with dynamic visualization tools, Mortgagecalculator3 lets you easily compare various long-term and monthly ARM payments for optimal financial planning

Mortgagecalculator3.com is excited to offer a free calculator that makes it easy for U.S. and U.K. consumers to understand and compare adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs).

The new Website takes an innovative approach that distinguishes it from all other adjustable rate mortgage calculators. It combines futures contracts and historical data to create realistic interest-rate scenarios and insightful variable rate mortgage calculations. Mortgagecalculator3.com features engaging tools that provide a visual comparison of different types of mortgages, such as pure ARMs with monthly adjustments, hybrid ARMs and fixed-payment ARMs. Users can customize scenarios to test different hypotheses and save different simulations to analyze later.

“By combining futures contracts and historical data with dynamic visualization tools, Mortgagecalculator3 lets you easily compare various long-term and monthly ARM payments for optimal financial planning”, said Daniele Mazzini, who created the calculator.

Understanding variable rate mortgages is crucial for responsible financial planning, according to Mazzini. His adjustable rate mortgage calculator facilitates the process by giving users interactive tools and visualization charts that make mortgage planning simpler and easier to understand. Mortgagecalculator3.com represents the ultimate tool for estimating and simulating different scenarios with variable rate mortgages. It allows users to:

  • Create scenarios based on updated (every week) futures data for the first five years (USD/GBP LIBOR).
  • Use historical data for periods beyond the one covered by futures.
  • Create scenarios that show month-by-month payments and totals.
  • Visually compare two different plans and compare ARMs with fixed rate mortgages.
  • Simulate options like “capped rate” or “fixed payment - variable term” ARMs and instantly see their effects based on the scenario.

Like most products, Mortgagecalculator3.com originated out of sheer necessity. Mazzini created the initial version of the adjustable rate mortgage calculator about a year ago while researching mortgages to buy a home in Italy. He scoured the Internet for tools to help him better understand his financing options, but none of them effectively illustrated the pros and cons of adjustable/variable rate mortgages. He wanted to calculate exactly how much the monthly payment would rise if the interest rate increased at a given time. However, Mazzini said: “Unable to find a tool that satisfactorily calculated this, I decided to create one myself—first for my own need and later to share with others around the world who might also be looking for the same information.”

Mazzini created the first edition of the calculator for consumers in Italy, where adjustable rate mortgages are quite common. Recently, he released a Spanish version of the Website at http://www.simuladorhipotecario.es. Now, Mazzini has developed mortgagecalculator3.com to give borrowers in the United States, United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries an opportunity to simulate potential payments using a relevant interest rate index. The release of mortgagecalculator3.com comes at a time when ARMs are increasing in popularity in the United States after years of being shunned by borrowers. The trend is being driven by their attractive pricing. ARMs have considerably lower rates than 30-year fixed mortgages and sometimes offer more flexible underwriting standards. A popular ARM is the "5/1" hybrid, which offers a fixed rate for the first five years and then adjusts annually for up to 25 years. According to projections by Freddie Mac, ARMs will be used by one in 10 borrowers this year. Mortgagecalculator3.com gives potential borrowers an easy way to determine the best possible option for their needs.

For more information about the free adjustable rate mortgage calculator for U.S. and U.K. consumers, please visit http://www.mortgagecalculator3.com/.

About Daniele Mazzini,
Born in Italy in 1974, Daniele Mazzini has a strong passion for computer programming. He began programming when he was 11 and has continued to do so as a hobby. Mazzini also possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that resulted in the development of an e-letter Website known as Quilla Mail. Now with mortgagecalculator3.com, he is expanding his role as a visionary and innovator. Mazzini holds
an engineering degree (M.Eng) and works as a project manager for an IT company in Rome.


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