Cloud Computing, the Internet and Managed Supplier Partnerships Offer Retailers a Second Chance

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It's happened before. New technologies slip in under the wire and go unnoticed far too long by those that would benefit the most. With retailers strapped in the yoke of decades’ old tools and assumptions, it’s happening again. A dramatic shift in market leader positions is about to occur, posing both strategic advantages and competitive threats. A new book acts as a guidepost to the future and is a must read for all businesses dealing in inventory.

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If a businessperson is bold enough to take advantage of the technology available to them, they can run their stores just like the fellas from Bentonville – even better.

For the majority, the Internet conjures up visions of colorful web pages, exploration and shopping for goods and services on-line. Few businesses truly understand the full extent of the Internet and what’s occurring behind the scenes; but the part they don’t see has already had a profound effect on which businesses will fail or succeed in the 21st century.

Huge retailers like Walmart have used telecommunications and supply chain management for a quarter of a century, having an enormous impact on how consumers shop for almost everything from anchors to zucchini. B2B networks like Retail Link© have allowed Walmart to set up managed supplier partnerships, the likes of which are unheard of by their smaller competitors. For over a decade now, smaller retailers have peered through windows into the future, only to have their enthusiasm stifled by throngs of information technology staffers who fear major changes that will threaten their jobs.

In their book, “Turning Convenience Stores Into Cash Generating Monsters,” Bill Scott and Dr. James A. Hawkins chronicle a seven-year experiment in bringing Cloud Computing services to independent retailers. Originally written to target the convenience store industry, the book is gaining popularity among retailers of all types, because the principles are the same regardless of their size and product lines.

“Convenience stores are like most other retailers on steroids,” says Bill Scott, President of StoreReport and Scott Systems Inc., who specialize in Cloud Computing and Internet-based inventory management services for retailers of all kinds. “Disconnect in the supply chain is costing small retailers billions of dollars a year in lost profits,” Scott went on to say.

Co-author, Dr. James A. Hawkins, who has a Ph.D. in international business, went on to add, “If a businessperson is bold enough to take advantage of the technology available to them, they can run their stores just like the fellas from Bentonville – even better.”

Scott and Hawkins believe the facilitator of this game-changer is Cloud Computing, but their book is not just about Cloud Computing; it’s about how anyone who deals with inventory will rise and fall as visionaries begin to abandon traditional desktop computer systems and local area networks as they attempt to integrate disparate systems with trading partners. The carnage will be horrific, because it will annihilate much of the existing information technology work-force, who will be buried in graveyards alongside typewriter salesmen and buggy-whip manufacturers.

"Turning Convenience Stores Into Cash Generating Monsters" is available for purchase at and is being viewed as "the strategy book of the decade", because it’s based on actual research that foretells the future of retailing as no other book can.

If you’d like more information regarding Cloud Computing, Supply Chain Management and inventory control, contact Bill Scott at (601) 847-6209 or e-mail him at Bill(dot)StoreReport(at)Gmail(dot)com.

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