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HuntGuide Introduced to California Waterfowl Association’s Membership Encourages Quality Duck and Goose Hunts

This past November, the California Waterfowl Association mailed the winter issue of its magazine, California Waterfowl, to its membership, and included in the publication was an article titled, “Etiquette in the Field,” which is based on an adaptation of the original work, the Field Etiquette HuntGuide.

The latest version of the HuntGuide, released last year, is a unique field guide to assist duck and goose hunters better understand the issues involved while waterfowl hunting, and ultimately improve the quality of their hunts.

Since the initial version premiered almost two years ago, the Field Etiquette HuntGuide has been well received by waterfowlers of all skill levels, and continues to attract support. The guide itself is a living document, addressing a complex set of interrelated hunting issues, such as cooperation in the field, bird behavior, field travel, hunt planning, decoys, calling, shooting, and other pertinent factors.

The Field Etiquette HuntGuide emerged from personal duck and goose hunting experiences. “During our hunts, we started to recognize situational patterns, both productive and destructive, and felt compelled to develop a resource to help other waterfowlers better understand some of the key, yet sometimes obscure issues while goose or duck hunting,” states’s Brian Morrison. “Most of the challenges we directly observed, or learned about from our network of waterfowlers, centered on a key issue – lack of information.”

Until recently, there has not been a comprehensive resource for hunters to refer to while in the field. “Once we realized there was an information void as it relates to hunting, we felt obligated to create a unique solution. Our objectives were to bridge the information gap, and provide a practical resource, with the end goal of helping to improve the quality of duck and goose hunting for all,” explains Morrison. “The Field Etiquette HuntGuide is the first step towards achieving that goal, and now since the latest version has been released, sharing it with waterfowlers everywhere is a priority.”

Towards that effort, the California Waterfowl Association (CWA) was approached this past summer with a concept for a magazine article based on a modified version of the HuntGuide, and the initial feedback was positive. “CWA is an established and successful organization, so we were naturally pleased to find they were receptive to our idea,” shares Morrison.

Courtney Ashe, California Waterfowl Association’s Editor, was the first person to review the document for publishing. “When this article was pitched, one of the reasons it appealed to me was the conversational tone. Instead of a long list of rules, the HuntGuide offers the reasons hunters should engage in specific field behaviors,” states Ashe. “The article provided beneficial information to our readers, and California Waterfowl is always proud to publish articles that encourage ethical hunting practices and foster a spirit of cooperation among hunters.”

“CWA is well respected within the waterfowl hunting and conservation communities, and to have them find value in sharing our article with their membership is a significant milestone for the HuntGuide,” furthers Morrison. “We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the content of the magazine, and together with CWA continue to help make duck and goose hunting a quality experience for all.”

The article also received support from the CWA Editorial Committee, whose responsibilities include reviewing submissions for accuracy, as well as approving or rejecting articles for print. The group includes members with backgrounds at the United States Geological Survey, United States Department of Agriculture, and California Department of Fish and Game, and their professional experiences span the fields of biology, wetlands restoration management, journalism, and public policy.

During the review process, the team offered suggestions, and ultimately approved the article. “It is clear the Editorial Committee understood the issues from a quality of hunting perspective, and made some nice contributions to the piece,” states Morrison. “It is always great to see other waterfowlers interested in helping to make duck and goose hunting a quality experience for all, but it was especially rewarding to have hunters as knowledgeable as the editorial team members lend their support too.”

A significant challenge during the creative process was reworking the original Field Etiquette HuntGuide to fit magazine space requirements. “The HuntGuide is currently several thousand words and growing, so paring it down to one third of the size for publication was no easy task,” shares Morrison. As the rewrite unfolded, one of the most helpful individuals was Ashe. “After we pruned the original document to the bare minimum, Ashe offered suggestions to polish the content, and helped produce a great two and a half page article,” adds Morrison. “She is an example of the quality staff and volunteers that work for CWA, and have helped make the association so successful.”

An electronic version of the magazine, which includes the printed article, will be available online at the CWA website this month. In the meantime, you can visit the interactive Field Etiquette HuntGuide to learn more, and share your opinions.

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