Essential Skincare Questions to Ask Dermatologists

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Not sure what to ask at a dermatologist appointment? Here are five questions that’ll help anyone better understand how to care for and protect skin for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

While many sidestep the dermatologist’s office, a short visit can enhance anyone’s skin care regimen — so take advantage of professional expertise and make an appointment today. To get the most out of a visit,’s latest article, “5 Key Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist,” offers five fundamental skin care questions to help achieve healthier skin.

1.    Are the products used at home okay to use along with the products and/or procedures a dermatologist provides?

Some products used at home may not work well with professional procedures or prescriptions. Some acne treatments, for example, may heighten skin’s sensitivity to the sun, making it necessary to increase the SPF and include other measures of sun protection in one’s routine. Or, if professional microdermabrasion is a regular part of the routine, it’s important to avoid exfoliating face washes and certain harsh ingredients. People should always discuss the products they already use with their dermatologists before undergoing a procedure or topical treatment to ensure a safe, effective and cohesive regimen.

2.    How can people reduce their risk of skin cancer?

A dermatologist can offer information on what sunscreen to use, how to properly use it and what other clothing and products are out there to help shield skin from harmful rays. In addition, he or she can provide important information about the role of screening in skin cancer prevention.

3.    What's the most important thing a person can do to slow the effects of aging on the face?

Sunscreen is a must in the fight against aging. Beyond that, a dermatologist can recommend a personalized anti-aging plan that includes the prescriptions, procedures, ingredients and products that are appropriate for an individual’s skin type. People should always be honest about their skin care regimen — including any history of smoking and sun exposure. This is vital information for a dermatologist to create an effective anti-aging skin care routine.

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