Author James E. Strickling Jr. Releases His New Book 'Man And His Planet: An Unauthorized History'

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Have you ever come across a publication that is truly objective in its view of creationism versus evolution? 'Man and His Planet: An Unauthorized History' is such a work. It examines both sides of the controversy by employing each side's supporting arguments to refute its own conclusions. An extraordinary alternative fills the resulting void.

In his newly released book, 'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,' James E. Strickling Jr. presents an analysis of a topic that has been debated by scholars, scientists, and religious leaders for generations - Creation versus Evolution. In his book, he examines both sides and provides an argument that refutes both their conclusions. His argument is based on the following specific line of reasoning: "Natural selection is Science's equivalent to religious fundamentalism and Creationist's interpretation of the origin of life as the 'Great Mistake.'" The overall objective of 'Man and his Planet' is to show that the creationists' "fixity of species" and the evolutionists' "very orderly gradual evolution of life on earth" are in error, and it is disadvantageous for them not to listen to opposing views as there is another potential alternative to how life emerged and evolved.

'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,' also presents an astonishing picture of earth's history, dealing at length with natural electrical phenomena occurring in antiquity and recorded in ancient documents, the Bible among them. Such phenomena would not be obvious to the typical anthropologist or historian. But thanks to his electrical engineering background and an unfettered perspective, Strickling has shed a surprising new light on a number of ancient texts. This book will change the way you view the world without insulting or contradicting your religious convictions. You will walk away with a newly enlightened outlook of earth's ancient past.

Book Reviews

Tracy Roberts, Write Field Services
"'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,' provides an intriguing look into the origins of life with a compelling critique of established religious and scientific explanations. I found myself appreciating the arguments presented while agreeing with some and disagreeing with others, such as Man's inability to impact the global climate. 'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History' is highly recommended as a book well worth debate and readers will gain insight into another way of looking at how the earth evolved without feeling like their own beliefs are being judged or ridiculed."

Kirkus Reviews
"…the author refutes creationist viewpoints through his reasoned analysis. His critical investigation of [the] two conventional positions stimulates the reader to revisit the staunch doctrines of their science teachers and/or religious leaders. A well-organized, educated and compelling "unbiased examination" illustrates the supposed inaccuracies and shortcomings of both evolution and creationism, and encourages the reader to think open-mindedly. A readable, enjoyable, [and] believable book.

About the Author

James E. Strickling holds degrees in electrical engineering and marketing. He is also a cum laude graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies (natural sciences, ancient history, philosophy). He is a former N.A.S.A. contractor and a former Member of the AT&T Technical Staff (now retired). He also taught mathematics for fifteen years at Georgia State University. Mr. Strickling's publications have appeared in the American interdisciplinary journals KRONOS, Aeon, Catastrophism and Ancient History, Creation Research Society Quarterly, the British Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Workshop, and the journal Genesis in Sweden.

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'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,' ISBN: 1606930990, is available at and many other online bookstores. The author's websites are: and

To review 'Man and his Planet: An Unauthorized History,' or to arrange for a talk, book signing, or interview with the author, please contact the author at 770-312-9484, or email strickling @


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