N.C.-Based RoleModel Software Helps Bring IT Revolution to Horse Farriers’ Barns

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The Holly Springs, N.C.-based RoleModel Software is turning entrepreneurs’ ideas into reality by bringing the benefits of the IT revolution right into horse farriers’ barns — including a brand new iPad application.

We couldn’t have done this as effectively or efficiently without RoleModel. We told Ken and his team what we wanted, and they followed through — making it even better than we could have imagined.

What small business owner doesn’t want to make buying, selling, and invoicing easier? The challenge is learning how. The North Carolina-based RoleModel Software is bridging that gap for one ancient industry — horse shoers, also known as farriers — by bringing the latest benefits of the IT revolution right into their barns.

In keeping with their mission to turn entrepreneurs’ ideas into reality, RoleModel has joined with Farriers United, an online service provider created by farriers for farriers, to propel the largely antiquated industry into the 21st century. The alliance has made groundbreaking software technologies available to the thousands of horse shoers across the United States — allowing them to build their own websites and connect customers with a wide range of high-quality horse-related products.

Now, thanks to RoleModel’s help, Farriers United has taken it a step further by unveiling an iPad application at the annual International Hoof Care Summit in Cincinnati Feb. 2-5, making selling and invoicing a snap. The companies will showcase the iPad app again at the American Farriers Association annual convention March 1-4 in Lexington, Kentucky.

“We took a great concept and made it even more accessible,” said Ken Auer, president of RoleModel Software, based in Holly Springs, N.C. “Using the ubiquity of the Internet, Farriers United has made it easy for farriers to connect to the great services we offer. By adding the mobile-device solution, we are bringing those services directly to their customers in barns where laptops aren’t practical and the Internet may not reach.”

RoleModel first teamed up with Farriers United in 2009. The goal: Connect farriers’ customers to over 20,000 horse-related products available in Farriers United’s online catalog. Thanks to the ingenuity of RoleModel’s team of skilled software developers, Farriers United now offers an easy-to-use system that allows farriers to pocket a nice commission while supplying top-of-the-line products to their customers.

“This technology enables horse shoers to reach out to customers in ways they never could before,” said Farriers United president Jeff Denson. “We couldn’t have done this as effectively or efficiently without RoleModel. We told Ken and his team what we wanted, and they followed through — making it even better than we could have imagined.”

RoleModel has also revamped the Farrier United’s suite of Web solutions — including lower prices, an editing tool that allows horse shoers to make real-time changes to their website, and instructional videos.

The new technologies garnered glowing reviews at the Hoof Care Summit:

  •     Chris Richardson, a farrier from Ohio: “The iPad app changes everything. I’m able to get rid of paper and pencil, save time and money, and provide a level of service I never imagined before. I go home at the end of the night and my work is done.”
  •     Bill McColl, CEO of Mobile Milling in Thomasville, N.C.: “When I saw what RoleModel had built, I was blown away. This is a wave of the future. Farriers and other service providers on the front lines can make educated recommendations to their customers. I couldn’t ask for a better distribution channel.”


Auer, an accomplished master software craftsman, founded RoleModel Software, Inc. in 1997. His goal — helping clients “turn innovative concepts into reality.” To learn more, visit RoleModelSoftware.com.

For more information, interviews, or to learn how RoleModel can help your business, contacts Ken Auer at 919-557-6352 or Ken(at)RoleModelSoftware(dot)com.


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