New-Model Advertising and Marketing Agency Offers New Advertising Medium

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The co-founder of one of the nation's top advertising firms, The Martin Agency, has formed a new agency to put to work an ad development process drawing from Toyota's product development system he says almost always leads to advertising that stands above its competition. The new firm is also offering a new medium, Internet Protocal TeleVision (IPTV).

Until the book I was working on was published, Western companies typically used a linear system to develop new products

The co-founder of the trailblazing advertising agency that created the GEICO gecko and Virginia Is for Lovers has founded a new advertising agency based on a new business model and adding a new medium to the traditional and digital agency arsenal.

Martin Works Advertising, Stephen Hawley Martin's new company, will bring the Toyota Lean Development system to the advertising agency business, producing more results at less cost, Martin says. It will also work in a new medium, IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision), bringing brand messages to consumers at the time and place of purchase.

Martin, who also writes, edits, and ghostwrites books, said he developed the process almost ten years ago, based on what he learned when working on a book about Toyota's product development system.

"Until the book I was working on was published, Western companies typically used a linear system to develop new products," Martin explained. "It's an approach virtually identical to how ad agencies create advertising. Toyota's approach, on the other hand, is totally different. It is non-linear--holistic, you might say. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Toyota's approach is four times more efficient than the traditional Western way, meaning about 20% of the time spent by western new product engineers was productive--in industrial jargon, 'added value'--compared to 80% for Toyota. Yet, the approach is not particularly complicated, so it didn't require a huge leap to adapt the Toyota system for use in creating advertising."

Martin recently started a new agency with the objective of putting the system, which he calls Lean Advertising, to work. A page on the new agency's website, Lean Advertising Explained, gives details and explains how the system works.

Asked why he would give away trade secrets, Martin said, "Toyota never tried to hide how their extremely effective and efficient production or development systems work. Yet even after books had been published about them it took Western manufacturers a decade or more to adopt them. I suppose inertia and human pride were responsible for the delay. Most people are highly resistant to change, so I'm confident the same will be true in advertising. I imagine some ad agency executives and their client CMOs will take a look at what we're doing, but only the early adopters will try it, and that's okay. Companies on the cutting edge are what we'd like to have as clients, and it will be a while before other agencies start to copy us."

One product of cutting-edge thinking by Martin Works is IPTV, a digital, real-time medium that promotes brands, products and services, creates community awareness of promotions, offers sponsorships to when and where they're ready to buy-when they're a captive audience in consumer lines.

Martin Works Advertising is a full service advertising, digital and branding agency headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. More information about Martin Works can be found at the firm's website.

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