XOWII Chief Science Officer Bill Sickert Opening New Vistas in the MLM Nutrition Industry by Launching NUTRAMinder(tm)

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Bill Sickert "steps up to the plate" in support of straight talk to his friends from XOWII and MLM distributors nationwide. The official launch of the straight talk in healthcare is the trademarked NUTRAMinder publication. NUTRAMinder(tm) is designed to assist nutrition companies in explaining complex science and technical reporting in terms the general public can absorb and enjoy. Sickert has recieved national recognition in legal and technical writing and was the featured author of WATER, Drink To Your Health published by Better Nutrition Magazine http://www.betternutrition.com.

Bill Sickert opens new Vistas for Carlsbad California based Natural Pharmacy Concepts and officially launches NUTRAMinder(tm) a trademarked health publication targeted at the healthcare consumer who seeks the truth about quality products and ingredients.

The XOWII project was a huge success for Bill Sickert having led the national battle cry for product quality and accountability to the consumer of healthcare products. XOWII was the test market for NUTRAMinder.

Sickert was quoted from his Carlsbad California office..."there is a new consumer of health products that requires evidence based science as to the therapeutic qualities of specific ingredients. Gone are the days of companies saying 'just take it...you'll feel better!'"

Sickert was fully embraced by top XOWII distributors including MLM industry rockstars Phil and Jenny Sack, Debra Arnold, Amy Henderson and Matt Hasbrook who teamed up to offer the largest audiences of quality distributors the XOWII nation had to offer. In his home turf of Southern California, Sickert teamed with the best including Tim Fueling, Soccer great Joe Max Moore and Sacramento based Team TrueNorth to change the face of MLM acountability.

Sickert passionately addressed the thousand plus crowd at the XOWII launch meeting in 2009 with this closing comment that received a standing ovation. " Ladies and gentlemen the buck stops at my desk with product quality and integrity....if you share a product that in any way is lacking for human health...and you share that product with a FRIEND......well NOBODY can write a check that large when your actions may have cost you a friend if that product does not work!

Sickert is featured in PROSPER Magazine, The Chiropractic Journal, SUCCESS From Home Magazine and other national and international publications. Bill Sickert has a rare combination of credentials including Business, Law and Nutrition.

The XOWII project ended December 6th, 2010.

Bill Sickert has several exciting announcements coming on PRWEB in the next few weeks and can be reached at the following email address:

William R. Sickert    BSc. JD, CNC
Natural Pharmacy Concepts at : williamsickert(at)sbcglobal(dot)net


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