New Appliance Tames Laundry Detergent Blob

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Innovative Dispensing Solution’s newest appliance, the Sudspenser, to become known as the laundry aid washer manufacturers forgot.

"The Sudspenser gets rid of laundry ICKY. The bottles are gone and I don't need my reading glasses to see the tiny bottle cap anymore."

Innovative Dispensing Solution’s newest appliance, the Sudspenser, to become known as the laundry aid washer manufacturers forgot.

Primitive man (or probably woman) cleaned their clothing skins by dunking them in streams and bashing them with a rock. A bit hard on the fabric but effective. As time marched on, soap powder and washing machines were invented and the laundry room became more safe and civilized…or did it?

For years we wrestled with heavy, bulky detergent bottles; slimy, gooey containers dripping most of their contents onto the floor or on us. Every washday encounter resembled a battle with the horror movie monster “The Blob”. As a further insult, detergent manufacturers tossed us cheap caps with measuring lines Superman would have had trouble seeing.

Finally a 21st century solution to this medieval mess. The Sudspenser (patent-pending) provides metered, automatic dispensing of the precise detergent amount recommended by soap manufacturers. No more wrestling matches or contact with messy bottles. Simply fill the reservoir once, toss the bottle, lift the filler wand, and the Sudspenser does the rest. Works with any type washer and is completely self-contained and self-powered.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers advises that using too much detergent causes bacteria buildup in clothing – it may cause premature machine breakdown. It isn’t that we’ve all tried to waste expensive detergent – it is that the bottle/cap design was poorly designed from the start.

The Sudspenser unit is now available in several configurations. One model may be hidden from sight in the pedestal drawer of a front load washing machine. Another provides double the reservoir capacity. A new version called the Softspenser soon will bring the Sudspenser capability to liquid fabric softener dispensing. All models work with any type washer, feature ease of use and zero impact on elderly users with arthritic hands or those with vision issues. The Sudspenser gives these folks their independent life back with a little help from their friends at Innovative Dispensing Solutions of Baldwinsville, New York.

Sudspenser is the perfect gift for the person who wants to make life easier for their mate. They will love the ease of use, the no-tech operation, and both will love the savings at the checkout. Plus, being made in America means a long-lasting, top quality product with local support should you ever need it. An added bonus is the planet-saving environmental impact of not overusing detergent soap. The Sudspenser is essential in today’s world and is destined to become a very important cost-saving laundry addition. It truly seems that it is the laundry aid washer manufacturers forgot.

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