Expert Advice on Updating Skin Care & Beauty Supplies

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A beauty arsenal that’s up to date and meets skin’s unique needs is essential in maintaining a gorgeous, healthy complexion. Reassess an entire collection of beauty and skincare products and decide what stays — and what goes — using these simple tips.

Ready to revamp and declutter old beauty products? In the second installment of the “12 Months to Transform Skin” series, here are tips on how to update a skin care arsenal to include healthy, effective products. From identifying expired formulas to extending the life of products, read on for expert advice in’s latest article, “Update Your Skin Care Arsenal.”

Tips for maintaining updated, effective formulas

  •     Label products. Using a permanent marker, label the date of purchase right on the package.
  •     Buy smaller formulas. For products that are used less frequently or seasonally, look for travel or trial sized formulas. This will prevent wasting precious product — and money — when it’s time to toss any leftovers.
  •     Store in a linen closet. While the bathroom cabinet is the most convenient place to store cosmetics and lotions, it’s not the best. Bathrooms tend to be the warmest and most humid room in the house — which contributes to the breakdown of ingredients and growth of bacteria. Instead, find a cool, dry place like a linen closet to stash beauty products.
  •     Pick pumps. Pump dispensers reduce the amount of air and bacteria exposed to the formula and extend the life of the product. Pump dispensers are especially useful for body washes, shampoos and conditioners that are stored in the shower where it gets especially hot and humid.
  •     Wash brushes. The bristles in brushes can easily trap bacteria, dirt and other impurities. Experts recommend washing natural bristled brushes once a month, and those with synthetic bristles once a week using mild soap, baby shampoo or a brush cleanser.

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