Exciting New Illustrated Children's Book Comes Out Of The Bluey

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Announcing the launch of an exciting new children's book from AuthorHouse. Aimed at the 4-7 year-old age group and beautifully illustrated over 40 pages in full color, Bluey & Dingo's Outback Adventure is set to become an instant classic.

The heart of a good story is timeless. My dad passed Bluey & Dingo down to me, and now I'm passing it on for a new generation to enjoy. Kids just love it!

An entrepreneur from Kensington, London, has written a children's book harking back to the "golden era" of bedtime stories.

Thomas Burton, 42, was inspired to pen Bluey & Dingo's Outback Adventure due to a perceived ‘lack’ of high-quality, illustrated children's books in the market today.

The author drew on the bedtime stories his father used to tell him as a boy and spent nearly a year finding an artist who would ‘truly bring to life’ the adventure.

Now Thomas, the director of an overseas recruitment agency, hopes to crack the market with the ‘unashamedly retro’ book, which is shortly to be released.

Speaking yesterday, Thomas said: ‘I've always enjoyed children's books but in many cases it seems there's no real care involved in their making.

‘As a small boy, I would read beautifully illustrated stories that would bring the characters to life and light up my imagination.

‘Now the vast majority seem to feature computer-generated artwork that lacks the tone and depth of hand-drawn art. It just seems flat, dull and Photo-shopped.’

Bluey & Dingo's Outback Adventure follows the adventures of a farmer who travels into the desert with his pet dingo to save a sick camel.

When their jeep breaks down, they are left stranded in the middle of nowhere. They have to contend with snakes and other wildlife while trying to find a way home.

‘It's based on a series of stories my father, Robin, used to tell me and my brother when we were kids,’ said Thomas, who has aimed the book at 4-7 year-olds.

‘He made up all the characters, settings and adventures, and I still have fond memories of avidly listening to him as he recounted Bluey’s latest escapades, wondering what would happen next.’

Thomas, who is publishing the book through AuthorHouse, says he had been meaning to put pen to paper for many years but it was the recession that finally enabled him to begin work last summer.

With a temporary downturn in the economy, he found ‘a window of opportunity’ to write the story and seek out ‘the perfect’ artist for the accompanying illustrations.

Half of the 40-page book is dedicated to vivid, full-colour drawings of Bluey and Dingo in the Australian Outback, created by American artist, Rob Peters.

Thomas says it was a ‘painstaking’ process to find Peters but feels his worldwide search has been ‘worth all the effort’.

He said: ‘I looked to many different illustrators but Rob was the one who really seemed to click with what I wanted to achieve.

‘He's incredibly talented but, more importantly, he has a certain old-fashioned charm to his work which catches the eye. I couldn't have asked for more.’

Though the artwork may recall a different era, Thomas' multimedia support for the book is very much of the 21st century.

Along with the book, there is a ‘vibrant’ new website - blueyanddingo.com - which will allow children and parents to enrich their reading experience, a Facebook page and special making-of videos on YouTube.

Thomas added: ‘Times have changed and now families can interact with their favourite characters in a way not possible when I was a child.

‘Even so, the heart of a good story is timeless. My dad passed Bluey and Dingo down to me and now I'm passing it on to a new generation, who I hope will like it just as much as I did.’

Bluey & Dingo's Outback Adventure is available from Amazon and in multiple formats as a digital download. Merchandise is also available from the book’s website at blueyanddingo.com.

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