Comfort Zone Yoga Launches Breath Based Yoga Trainings & Certifications

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Awaken your mind and body to the “science of breath”

Comfort Zone Center for Whole Self Healing announces its’ breath based Yoga School trainings. As a registered school with Yoga Alliance, Comfort Zone’s Yoga School began by offering their 200-hour Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training under the direction of Rudy Peirce & Ed Harrold. In 2011, Comfort Zone is pleased to release continuing education programs that support a breath-based practice within the yoga, healthcare, fitness and weight loss environments. Current programming dates are available at

Yogic breathing (or Pranayama as its’ known) is the most undervalued tool not only in many yoga styles; but also, as it relates to health and the freedom from disease. Life is dependent upon breath. Without breath, we die. Breathing is so essential to life, it’s the only function of the body that is controlled voluntarily or involuntarily. Learning to “control the breath” or adjusting the patterns of breathing has countless positive affects on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being.

In our culture today, the average American takes 15 breaths per minute in a resting state AND rarely draws the breath beyond the upper chest. This many breaths per minute activates your flight or flight system or sympathetic nervous system; a system designed for emergencies only! Living in your stress response sends harmful levels of chemicals/hormones into your system. These hormones lower energy levels, over stimulate adrenal & pituitary function, weaken digestion, metabolic imbalances, increase cardiovascular function and open the doorway for diseases & health conditions like obesity, mood disorders (depression & anxiety), gastrointestinal disorders, heart conditions, upper respiratory diseases, immune system diseases just to name a few. So, no matter whether you’re a healthcare professional, psychotherapist, fitness or physical therapist or yoga teacher, how your clients (or patients) are breathing is directly linked to their ability to gain or maintain their health.

Recognizing how much Pranayama can change people lives, Ed Harrold & Rudy Peirce decided to bring the power of breath into Comfort Zone’s Yoga School offerings and offer them to a wider global audience. Comfort Zone’s Yoga School now offers their 200-hour Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training, their 25-Hour Breath Intensive Training and their 50-Hour Flexibility For Athletes Training. Any of these trainings can be offered through a Yoga Studio, a healthcare environment or a Fitness Club. Join Rudy Peirce and/or Ed Harrold at one of Comfort Zone’s scheduled events OR host your own entrusting your students, staff, clients and/or patients with a fabulous Faculty. In 2013, Comfort Zone will launch their 500-Hour Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training.

“It is so important to find the time to take care of ourselves, not just physically, but the whole self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self,” added Ed Harrold. “The heavy demands of modern life can distract us from carving out time to take care of our mind and body. We are grateful to have the capability to share our teachings and empower our audience toward living a healthier lifestyle,” said Rudy Peirce.

200-Hour Whole Self Yoga Teacher Training. This training is an awareness - based experience, founded on the philosophies of the Yoga Sutra, the practices of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the teachings of Swami Kripalu. Whole Self Yoga will immerse you in the Classical yoga system drawing from the ancient yoga teachings. This training is offered in a 10-month Intensive weekend format.

25-Hour Breath Intensive Training. In this training, awaken your mind and body to the power of breath. The Breath Intensive is specifically designed for professionals and practitioners who want to learn the science of breathing. This curriculum will empower participants to understand, instruct and execute a basic, intermediate and advanced pranayama practice for yourself and/or your clients with added instruction on using these techniques within a fitness, health and weight loss environment. The Breath Intensive offers the perfect compliment to any 200-hr or 500-hr yoga training or as a standalone training in any yoga center, health care institution or fitness club.

50-Hour Flexibility For Athletes Training. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are only now starting to understand the benefits of yoga and yogic breathing. Ed Harrold, along with others using yoga and yoga breath work with athletes, were featured in the August & Fall 2010 issues of Yoga Journal. This training offers Ed’s cross-patterning sport specific yoga and pranayama as a hybrid within the fitness and athletic training environment. It’s appropriate for yoga teachers, personal trainers, coaches and individual athletes looking to improve performance. Also, a perfect compliment to any 500-hour yoga training or current personal training certification.

“As our Yoga School grows, we look forward to offering continuing education credits within other organizations that support nurses, psychologists, certified counselors and athletic trainers.” said Wendy Harrold, Comfort Zone’s Yoga School Administrator.

Pranayama is growing in popularity. Allow our Mastery of Pranayama educate and empower you as Practitioners, Teachers and as Students in the school of life!

To learn more about the center, its’ trainings or Ed Harrold & Rudy Peirce, please visit &


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