Best Rift Builds & Leveling Guide Takes the MMORPG World by Storm In Time for the Rift Game Release

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Rift from Trion is one of the most anticipated mmorpg games of 2011, and gamers are eagerly jumping on this bandwagon. The beta players and those that signed-up for the headstart have the edge, but a new Rift guide is leveling the playing field and also gives players the needed edge to stay ahead of everyone else.

Rift Planes of Telara is one of the hottest games this 2011, but like all new game releases, there are always some doubts whether it will be worth playing. Nevertheless, the extensive reach of this game spans the entire gaming world, and this means that the competition level is great.

People who play rift game are fairly diverse. They include college & university students, professionals, middle-aged adults, and also, some retirees. Players of mmorpg spend about 22 hours per week and they are not associated with age. Rift do not just appeal to the youth subculture but spans across all age groups.

These players have continuously been looking for the real edge against others to assist them in leveling up faster and acquire the best builds which will help them to further advance their gaming, but no real solution has been provided and answered. There are a couple of Rift builds and leveling guides that have been published, but these all have failed to really give players that needed edge.

Opinions and speculations have spread throughout the internet and also in magazines as to which Rift leveling guide leads in terms of providing players with the best information, but a recently released rift guide has captured the attention of the mmorpg industry by storm. It's the most complete rift guide - Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide.

The creative author of this leveling and builds guide is an active & respected rift player known as "Xerxes". He loves mmorpg and before rift, his last game was DC Universe Online. He was also in beta, so he got a real headstart against other players.

What makes Xerxes Rift mastery guide stand out against its competitors?

It's extremely detailed, well-written, with very clear instructions, and with lots of understandable images. But aside from that, the huge amount of data it contains really sets Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide apart from the other guides. Xerxes is not just a typical walkthrough, since you'll be getting a very detailed look at the best builds & leveling guides that is getting even more popular for each passing day.

Here are the key points inside Xerxes Rift mastery guide :

1. Set of starter guides - For all newbies, this set contains the beginners, rifts and Invasion, UI, and game mechanics guides.

2. Set of Rift leveling guides - This set contains the comprehensive questing guides for both the guardian and defiant, power leveling, detailed maps, and more comprehensive leveling guides.

3. Set of rift souls and builds guides - This set contains the guides for all the 4 callings(warrior, rogue, mage and cleric), the best leveling builds, the pvp builds, and the ideal raiding builds.

Any serious rift player knows that competition is fierce in the rift world, and to be one of the best is not that simple. Thanks to Xerxes, this is rapidly changing. For more information and review of the best rift guide that's creating a ruckus, go to


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