Practical Joker Publication Lists Fiendish Pranks for April Fools

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Various pranks which can be used to create unusual problems for friends and family.

In order to inspire even more foolishness, the Practical Joker Newsletter releases its annual list of pranks in time for April Fool's Day. The Practical Joker newsletter is a free weekly email publication sponsored by, a practical joke business based in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Practical Joker Newsletter awards Wiseguy Starter Sets to those who send in ideas accepted for their Fiendish Idea of the Week column. Some of those fiendish pranks are listed here in abbreviated form. The popular newsletter is now in its 13th year of publication and has awarded hundreds of prizes to its contributors. Those who have an interest in practical jokes can subscribe to the newsletter from the web site Following are examples of the Fiendish Idea of the Week:

Doing the splits. Place an object on the floor where you know someone will bend over to pick it up. This object could be a book, an important looking envelope, a purse, etc. Position yourself nearby with some scraps of cloth that tear easily with a noisy ripping sound. (You can also use a strip of Velcro to simulate a tearing sound.) The prank is simple. Just wait until the mark bends over to pick up the object. As with many pranks, the timing is critical. At the precise moment that the victim bends over, rip the cloth. You'll be surprised at how many people reach around immediately checking their hindquarters for rips.

The Dent Walk. Leave a crudely scribbled note on the victim's windshield that says: sorry about the dent - I was worried about my probation. Hide nearby and count the number of laps the victim takes walking around the car, looking for a dent.

Fake Air Bag. The timing is right for this prank when the victim has purchased a used car. Tape a white garbage bag onto the steering wheel to make it look the air bag went off. Ridicule the owner for buying a piece of junk car.

The Mark. The origin of the term "mark" came about from carnival hucksters actually making a chalk mark on the back of a gullible victim for an intended swindle. Required for this prank is some burnt cork, pencil lead, or cigarette ashes. Prepare for this trick by rubbing burnt cork (or any other substance that will leave a mark) on the tip of your little finger. Catch the victim when he or she is just about to go into a meeting and tell them that they have something on their face. When they fail to get the imaginary substance off, brush it off with a couple of strokes of your little finger, leaving an X mark on their face.

Battery Test. This is one that will really test how "on the ball" people are. For people who have alpha-numeric pagers, send a message that says "BATTERY LOW: PLEASE CHANGE" and see if they change the battery.

Occupied Stall. This trick works well in a setting where there are a limited number of bathroom stalls and a lot of people waiting to use them. Materials needed for this stunt are an old pair of shoes, cut off pant legs, and poster board. Create a pair of fake legs up to the calf level with the shoes and pieces of pants. Roll up the poster board and tape the rolls to fit snuggly inside the shoes. Cover the poster board with the pant legs and you're ready for action. While nobody is around, position the fake legs correctly by the throne. Then latch the door closed and crawl out beneath the door.

Pot Luck Party Dish. This is a great food gag to pull at a party. Start by finding a tapered, deep bowl and a balloon that will fill up the bottom part of the bowl. Now add a layer of rice to cover up the balloon. On top of the rice arrange some very tasty looking pieces of meat or shrimp, but leave the big long skewers off to the side of the bowl. Now sit back and watch and wait. Sooner or later somebody will stab the balloon and the food will fly all over the place.

A Little Off The Back. For this prank you need a pair of scissors and a clump of hair. The hair can be real or fake but should match the hair color of the person you are playing this trick on. Now just go behind your victim with a pair of scissors and make the snip snip snip sound close to their head. Carefully observe their reaction as they turn around and see you holding a clump of hair. Have others involved to point and laugh. Be prepared to run.

Can't Tell Offhand. Observe the drunks at a gathering and look for one wearing a watch and holding a drink in the same hand. Go up an ask what time it is. You'll be amazed at how often this causes the drunk to pour out his drink.

Exploding Ash Tray. This is a prank to discourage people from smoking. If the smokers all hang out by the outdoor ash tray, wait until nobody is around. Bury a bunch of ladyfinger firecrackers in the sand with the fuses barely sticking out (you might have to bring some fresh sand). Sooner or later somebody will touch off one of the fuses with a cigarette butt and anybody around will get a big surprise.

Hand Off. Fill a right hand glove with paper or cloth until it feels firm as if it has a hand inside. Put on a coat and slide the glove inside the sleeve, holding onto it with your right hand. Now you are ready to shake hands with your victim. Take note of their reaction when the hand comes away in their grasp.

Mr. Lord. Here's a harmless little prank that's always good for a laugh. Leave someone an urgent message to return a phone call from a Mr. Lord. Put the phone number from Dial-A-Prayer on this message. Most city phone directories have Dial-A-Prayer numbers listed. This also works for Mr. T. O'Day (time of day)
or Mr. Weathers (weather number). Also leave the number for the local zoo and say the call is from Mr. Lyon. Leave these messages on answering machines too.

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