How Can Savvy Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Find a Better Way to Take Control of Their Money?

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Find Out When National Private Client Group Presents "Your Financial Destiny: Take Control & Achieve Sustainability in 2011 & Beyond," March 18, 2011 in Chicago

“If everything people ever learned about banking, financing and investing was not true, when would they want to know it?" -- Julie Ann Hepburn, CEO, NPCG

If the last three years have taught people anything, it might be that they would all be better off having a much better understanding of how the country's banking and financial systems work. While a basic explanation was given to them when they were in high school and college, how many of them really have more than a rudimentary understanding of how it works and how it affects them as consumers, investors and business owners? Time and again, they often choose to ‘leave it to the experts’ instead of investing in the knowledge to learn how to take matters into their own hands to create a stable financial future.

To remedy this, business professionals, entrepreneurs and interested individuals will have an opportunity to take a crash course in advanced personal finance and banking concepts when locally-headquartered National Client Private Group (NPCG) presents a day-long seminar on Friday, March 18, 2011, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, at DePaul University’s Loop Campus, Room 8010. Entitled, "Your Financial Destiny: Taking Control & Achieving Sustainability in 2011 & Beyond," the program of speakers features Robert Murphy PhD, L. Carlos Lara, Nelson Nash, and NPCG’s CEO, Julie Ann Hepburn. Lunch is included as part of the $125 fee; two different levels of event sponsorship are also available. Full details and registration information are at: or at

“If business owners and hard working individuals truly had a better understanding of the U.S. banking and financial systems, they would be able to make better decisions about their financial well-being. Part of why they are in such financial turmoil is that most of them have left it to others to figure it out instead of taking the time to go back to gain a deeper understanding and see what potential options they have. National Private Client Group is offering participants a high-powered, condensed session, packed with insight and concrete action steps to help them move forward,” explains Julie Ann Hepburn, President/CEO of NPCG.

The morning begins with an exploration of 401Ks and other retirement programs that are heavily threatened by the continued economic turmoil. In this presentation, Nelson Nash, creator of the Infinite Banking Concept, will explain the mystery of why the only option people seem to have for retirement is one that offers them a back-end return designed to be worth less and taxed higher than the amount they put in at the start.

Nash is followed by Austrian economist, and free-market author, Robert Murphy, PhD.. Dr. Murphy will present an overview in layman’s terms of what has happened over the past three years to create the current economic situation.

“Specifically, the ‘boom’ period is caused when the Fed adopts an easy-money policy, setting interest rates too low. This gives a false sense of prosperity, and businesses start investing because of the cheap money. Things seem great for a few years, as unemployment goes down and every sector seems to be doing well. However, the prosperity is an illusion. Printing up money out of thin air and injecting it into the credit markets doesn't actually make people richer, it only fools them,” explains Murphy.

A frequent guest on Fox Business News, Murphy will also share possible options for an economic turn-around. He will offer insights into what individuals can do to take more control over their own financial destiny in order to offset the actions of the Federal Reserve and mainstream economists.

L. Carlos Lara, CEO of United Services & Trust Co., and co-author with Dr. Murphy of the recently-released, “How Privatized Banking Really Works,” will then take time to offer an explanation of the Federal Reserve system and fractionalized banking. By examining how the Fed, and all central banks, really work, Lara exposes flaws in the system, which have dramatically impacted individuals’ ability to build and maintain wealth over a long period of time.

“Governments everywhere and at all times are broke and short of money! They are more desperately broke than individuals and businesses. The reason is because they produce nothing and have nothing to sell. To resolve this historical problem, governments have resorted to legalized counterfeiting of money by utilizing a Central Bank.

“It is very significant to point out that the original Central Bank, the Bank of England, began in the late 17th century as a crooked deal between a near bankrupt government and a corrupt group of financial promoters. Over the centuries, other large nations eventually copied this institution. The United States was the last major nation to permanently establish a Central Bank, adopting the Federal Reserve System in 1913. The country's money and society have never been the same since,” explains Lara.

Following this morning of explanation, Nash, Murphy and NPCG’s CEO, Julie Ann Hepburn will look at how savvy business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals can begin the process of unraveling their own personal financial turmoil. They will offer participants an in depth view of alternative ways in which to get total control of their funds and abandon traditional banking, financing and investing businesses by creating and growing a sustainable pool of wealth that pays consistent interest and tax-free income.

“If everything people ever learned about banking, financing and investing was not true, when would they want to know it? The same minds who helped to create the current economic upheaval cannot resolve the situation with the same kind of thinking. “Your Financial Destiny...” offers participants another viewpoint and some options that can help change the course of their personal financial situation for the better. Who knows, it might even provide a better answer for the country’s economic woes,” said Ms. Hepburn.

For more information on "Your Financial Destiny: Take Control & Achieve Sustainability in 2011 and Beyond," contact NPCG at 312. 957.9400 or at info(at)nationalprivate(dot)com or visit the website at or register at

For the past decade, National Private Client Group, under the direction of Founder and President, Julie Ann Hepburn, has specialized in the development of the Self-Empowered Banking Systems, its own brand of building wealth to help reduce debt and save for the future. Through rigorous and continual training, the firm’s consultants have honed their skills, learning all the financial nuances and requirements necessary to teach individuals, businesses owners and entrepreneurs how to create and maintain privatized banking systems.


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