Brooklyn Pet Food Company Introduces a New Breed of "Live Feed" as They Dine in Real Time on Their Dog Food

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Owners of Evermore Pet Food, Inc. stream a live broadcast of their month-long Evermore Me campaign, and they invite a deserving four-legged guest to join them at the table as they dine on their high-quality, human-grade dog food.

Hanna Mandelbaum (L), Alison Wiener (R) and Lamb will feast on Evermore for the month of March.

In late January, the owners of Evermore Pet Food, Inc. announced their promotional campaign Evermore Me, where they would subsist on their human-grade, gently cooked dog food formulas and their high-quality, whole-food ingredients for the month of March. Before they officially took their first bite, intrepid journalists were already eating it up. Kathie Lee washed her Evermore down with red wine on The Today Show, Jeanne Moos of CNN preferred hers with a pinch of salt, and Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman not only went back for seconds but also called it “delicious” with a little hot sauce.

The rules are simple: Company owners Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener will chow down on Evermore dog food for one full meal each day during “live feeds” on the company website home page (they will also post archived footage and recipes on their Evermore Me blog). Streaming times will be announced each morning via the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Other meals will consist of recipes made exclusively from ingredients in the food, with the addition of basic condiments (e.g., salt, pepper, lemon juice, etc.). 

“Our food is delicious for dogs, but humans have more taste buds so it’s a little bland to us,” says Wiener. “We are eating our food to stand behind the integrity of our sourcing and to show that for us, "human-grade” means we are totally comfortable consuming it over an extended period of time.” Evermore’s ingredients include antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, fresh produce (local in season), and organic whole grains.

The response thus far has been overwhelming, and not just from the media. “Our inboxes have been flooded by requests from pet owners,” gushes Mandelbaum. “It is awesome to hear from people all over the country about how unique we are as a pet food and as a company.” In response to the nationwide demand, Evermore is developing an environmentally friendly cold-shipping program to begin mid-March.

While company owners hope to reap health and sales benefits from Evermore Me, there are even more rewarding aspects to this campaign. A local foster pup named Lamb now stands to gain a lot more than a shinier coat. Hoping that increased exposure will land her a “forever” home, Evermore will sponsor the two-year-old Chihuahua-Poodle mix, providing food, tracking her progress, and featuring her as a special guest throughout the month on live feeds, blog updates, and at company events.

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About Evermore Pet Food, Inc. - Evermore is an independent, Brooklyn-based company that makes hearty food for dogs. Company founders, Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener, believe that we should feed our pets the way we should feed ourselves. Since 2009, they have been dedicated to providing dogs with healthy and delicious meals that use fresh, human-grade, whole-food ingredients cooked in a USDA kitchen. Learn more about Evermore on the company website or call (718) 596-6788.

About Evermore Me – Named as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the 2004 hit film Super Size Me, Evermore Me is month-long campaign where company owners of Evermore Pet Food, Inc., Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener, will subsist on their human-grade, gently cooked dog formulas and recipes made from the whole-food ingredients in their food. They will broadcast a live feed daily and post archived footage and recipes on their blog. They will also be sponsoring a local foster dog in the hopes that the increased exposure will help her adoption prospects.


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