New, First of Its Kind Book “I’ll Show You Mine” Aims to Start Conversations and Hault Trend Toward Designer Vaginas

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In Tandem with International Women’s Day (March 8) Show Off Books, is Pleased to Release I’ll Show You Mine, an Educational Resource Book Created to Empower Women and Debunk Society’s Artificial Standards for Normalcy and Beauty in Female Genitalia as Influenced by Mainstream Pornography.

I'll Show You Mine editor Wrenna Robertson

Like it or not, pornography plays a primary role in setting the sexual views of much of society, including a whole generation of youth

Show Off Books, an independent publishing house, is pleased to release I’ll Show You Mine, an educational resource book created to debunk society’s artificial standards for normalcy and beauty in female genitalia. I’ll Show You Mine is collaboration between exotic dancer Wrenna Robertson and photographer Katie Huisman. The hard cover, 128 page book sells for $40 (including shipping anywhere in North America) and is available at; 10 per cent of all profits from the sale of the book will be donated to local and international women's charities and free copies are available for educational and public use.

“I’ve spent the past 18 years of my life working as a stripper while attaining three university degrees,” says Robertson. “Although breast implants are common in my industry, new cosmetic procedures have become available and increased in popularity in recent years. The most surprising trend I have seen is the growing number of women seeking labiaplasty, which is the surgical reduction of the inner labia for cosmetic reasons. When several co-workers recently asked me to look at their vulvas, stating they were considering the surgery, they did so apologetically, as if they were ashamed to ask. That’s when it hit me. If strippers are not looking at other women's vulvas, who is? And if women aren't looking at each other's genitals, where are they getting this sense of what theirs should look like?”

In this society where even exotic dancers are reluctant to look closely at other women's vulvas, where parents and educators do not show children accurate pictures of the incredible diversity of female genitalia, young and old alike often see pornography as an indication of what is normal. Like it or not, pornography plays a primary role in setting the sexual views of much of society, including a whole generation of youth; virtually all statistics point to extremely high exposure rates: among young people, nearly 100% of boys and 75% of girls have viewed pornography by age 18. With an absence of educational materials, pornography, now so easily available online, even on handheld mobile devices, has come to set the standard for what female genitalia looks like.

It’s a dangerous and fictitious standard. The ubiquitous use of lighting and editing techniques in videos, the common use of photo editing software to remove any sign of inner labia, as well as biased model selection and plastic surgery have played a primary role in perpetuating an artificial standard of female genitalia.

This misrepresentation is damaging on so many levels. It troubles young girls who see images that do not represent their own bodies. It misinforms young boys who grow up believing that there is only one appropriate size and shape for a woman's vulva. It deceives both women and men into believing that the “clamshell” is not only the most desirable, but also by far the most common shape of a vulva. Today, an increasing number of women are aspiring to this artificial aesthetic by having elective genital cosmetic surgery; labiaplasty is in many ways following the same pattern of growth and cultural acceptance that breast augmentation did in its early years.

I’ll Show You Mine is a unique public resource. It is the only book available that accurately and objectively displays the beautiful diversity of the female genitalia. Sixty women are represented in the book, each with two life size and true colour photographs. The photos are paired with in-her-own-words stories of each woman’s experience of the shaping forces of her sexuality; the stories range from heart-wrenching to celebratory, from angry to sensual. Women from a variety of ethnicities, ages spanning from 19 into their sixties, and all walks of life are represented: students, doctors, artists, academics, sex workers, mothers, grandmothers, housewives, entrepreneurs and more.

The book is not intended as erotica or as art. It is, quite simply reality.

I’ll Show You Mine is published by Show Off Books and proudly printed in Canada on FSC certified paper with soy-based inks.

About Show Off Books, Inc.
Show Off Books, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Wrenna Robertson and her partner, Whelm King. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Show Off’s first book, I’ll Show You Mine, will be available for sale in March 2011. The independent publishing company endeavors to foster communication and empower people through educational books, and other media, that are dedicated to depicting the diverse reality of the human body and the human experience. For more information or to purchase I’ll Show You Mine, please visit


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