Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Boston Provides Natural Results

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Dr. Michael Tantillo of Longwood Plastic Surgery now offers fat transfer procedures as an alternative to breast implants in Boston. This innovative enhancement technique uses existing fat cells for increasing breast size.

Boston plastic surgery (http://www.cosmeticsurgeonboston.com/procedures.cfm) specialist Dr. Michael Tantillo (http://www.cosmeticsurgeonboston.com) of Longwood Plastic Surgery is pleased to announce the availability of a natural alternative to breast implants. This advanced method of breast enhancement surgery, known as "fat transfer breast augmentation," uses the body's excess fat to increase breast size without implants.

"Many of my patients are delighted to discover my new method of breast augmentation in Boston (http://www.cosmeticsurgeonboston.com/cosmetic-surgery/breast-augmentation.cfm)," says Dr. Tantillo. "I design the procedure to enhance their appearance without the need for an implant in the body. The fat transfer approach is especially beneficial because it is a natural substance, eliminating any risk of rejection or rupture."

Perhaps the most enticing benefit for many women, however, is the way in which this innovative technique provides them with both a slimmer physique and a larger breast size. During the fat transfer procedure, Dr. Tantillo uses water-jet assisted liposuction to remove unattractive fat from the hips, thighs, and abdomen. Water-jet assisted liposuction gently removes fat cells minimizing damage to the cells and maximizing the fat available for transfer. He then purifies the harvested cells before transferring them into the breast tissue through a syringe using several small, meticulous injections. Dr. Tantillo performs no incisions on the chest to eliminate any risk of scarring.

"I am very excited to introduce water-jet assisted liposuction and fat harvesting to New England," notes Dr. Tantillo. "This new technique will enhance the results of fat transfer procedures including breast augmentation. More fat cells will be able to be grafted, improving results and reliability. Plus the recovery after water-jet liposuction is very fast. The techniques used during a fat transfer are less invasive than other methods of breast enlargement. The breasts look and feel natural after surgery because they are natural."

Dr. Tantillo offers a variety of breast augmentation options in addition to fat transfer procedures, including breast implants in Boston (http://www.cosmeticsurgeonboston.com/cosmetic-surgery/breast-augmentation.cfm) along with breast lift and breast reduction. Although the fat transfer method of breast augmentation is ideal for women who want a moderate improvement, it is not for everyone. Women who want more dramatic improvements, such as a significant breast lift or much larger breast size, may prefer the results from a more extensive surgical procedure.

"Choosing the right breast augmentation procedure is highly dependent on a woman's individual goals," Dr. Tantillo adds. "Because each method has different advantages and disadvantages, I recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon to choose the ideal solution for you."

Dr. Michael Tantillo (http://www.cosmeticsurgeonboston.com) is a Boston plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He earned his medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine, then received extensive training that included a plastic surgery residency through Harvard University. A Harvard Medical School faculty member, Dr. Tantillo continues to expand his knowledge and contribute his insight by staying up-to-date on the latest cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques.


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