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As a regular contributor to the “ON RETIREMENT” section of, David Ning offers strategy and insight on maximizing financial resources throughout the golden years. David Ning launched his personal finance blog,, in 2007 in order to help readers understand how saving money on daily expenses will build wealth and create financial security overtime.

David Ning, founder of personal finance blog, points investors toward some sensible options for building a solid retirement regardless of market fluctuations in the “ON RETIREMENT” section of The post, entitled 5 Investments that Can Help Secure Your Retirement, is available at

The recent skirmish in Wisconsin over employer retirement contributions for public-sector employees underscores how challenging planning for those golden years can be. Whether we agree with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or not, the volatility of the situation is a strong reminder that when it comes to building our nest egg, nothing is for certain.

In truth, few employees can count on employer-funded pensions to carry them through retirement. Instead, most American workers must grapple with planning for their retirement on their own. For many, the task is so daunting that they put off planning, handicapping their ability to put their money to work when they’re young, healthy and employed.

We’ve all heard that the sooner we put our money to work for us in terms of solid investments, the better off we’ll be during retirement. The difficulty comes in selecting those solid investments. In recent years we’ve watched as portfolios have dwindled leaving us stranded without a back-up plan – much like those public employees in Wisconsin.

David Ning address some of the challenges in his recent “ON RETIREMENT” post entitled 5 Investments that Can Help Secure Your Retirement.

Ning says, “For those of us who are trying to gather enough assets to afford a comfortable retirement, it can sometimes be downright frustrating.”

Ning goes on to offer hope, “Here are five investment moves to consider that will make sense for many people, no matter what the market does.”

David Ning is an author, trusted advisor and founder of as well as a regular contributor to the “ON RETIREMENT” section of Ning focuses on money tips for those seeking to build wealth slowly over time through smart management of their capital resources.

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