Student Creates “” to Save His Country From Debt

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Can one student save a whole country?

I wanted to show people that you do not have to be a politician or a billionaire to make changes in a country.

A student has created a website to attract donations from the whole world to help his country deal with the debt commitments that consist of a loan of 1.68 billion Euros (approximately 2.31 billion dollars) from the International Monetary Fund.

This idea’s author is twenty-two-year-old Matiss Bartulis, who does not represent any political power, and does not have a position in a governmental institution or organization: “I am a neutral individual, who is ready to do what others have not dared to,” says Bartulis.

The creator of website and founder of the non-profit society “Save Latvia” says that the motivation to start this project was the ability to create an opportunity for the people to get involved and act. “I wanted to show people that you do not have to be a politician or a billionaire to make changes in a country. I am really looking forward to see what results can as simple plan as mine bring. My goal is to create a positive chain of events,” emphasizes the author.

The result of the “Save Latvia” campaign depends on the responsiveness of the people and the amount of the collected donations. If the amount will be sufficient to turn to the government and offer to exchange the collected donations for certain tangible and visible improvements in the country, then it will be done by creating a special agreement in the name of all donators. If the government refuses this agreement or if the collected amount is not sufficient, then the collected donations will not reach the treasury, but in cooperation with various organizations they will be used where these donations can bring maximum benefit according to their amount. The usage of the donations will be decided by voting. In the end of the campaign voting forms will be placed in the website.

M. Bartulis says: “There are only a little over 2 million people in my country, but there are more than 6.8 billion people in the world, hundreds of millions of companies and organizations. Together it is enough to create a hope to achieve the goal.”

One week since M. Bartulis has spread the news about his website (in which companies as well as individuals can donate electronically) in Latvia, the news have reached 95 countries and 320 supporters from 17 different countries have donated more than 1700 Euros. The campaign will continue until December 2013.

As a gratitude for the donation, M. Bartulis offers to include a link to the donator’s website under the donator’s name. ”My goal is to maintain as a historical value for as long as possible, and all the donators who decided not to stay anonymous will always be listed in the “Contributors” section,” says the author of the project.

M. Bartulis reveals that during the campaign a portable donation box will be set up, which will be used to film videos, to find out whether people, especially representatives of the government and people from the millionaires list, are ready to donate at least a symbolic amount for the sake of their country.

Due to the fact that the “Save Latvia” campaign does not have an advertising budget, the author of the project asks everyone to tell about to their friends, acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors.

About was created by a politically independent young man from Latvia, with the goal to attract donations from the whole world, to help his country deal with the International Monetary Fund’s debt commitments and reach an agreement with the government to exchange the collected donations for certain things that must be done in the country.


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