Advanced Kriya Yoga Courses 2011-2012

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Advanced Kriya Course taught across North America by direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj. Course locations include New York, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Miami. Weekend Course for $275, includes course notes.

"Success is achieved by taking the step toward enlightenement. Divinity is achieved by witnessing Soruba Samadhi"

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn advanced yogi, direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj will be conducting Advanced Kriya Courses at cities within North America beginning June 2011. The following are the confirmed dates and locations.

New York June 4-5, 2011
Toronto July 9-10, 2011
Chicago August 20-21, 2011
Montreal October 22-23, 2011
Los Angeles November 5-6, 2011
Vancouver December 3-4, 2011
Miami January 14-15, 2012

Learn Advanced Kriya from Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj.

In this powerful advanced yoga course you will learn secrets to bring about greater health, vitality, manifesting abilities, success and even immortality.

The course taught in a two day weekend format will teach asanas (postures) with a 21 posture advanced series as well as advancements in asanas to bring about greater depth of Samadhi, divinity and overall success.

There will be discussion and practice of seven root Kriyas and how they relate to bringing about Mahasamadhi or even Deathlessness, with focus of unlocking the psychoenergetic seals called chakras. (Not included in the Advanced Kriya eCourse). These root Kriyas are from Babaji’s Levels 1-7. Thirteen other extremely powerful and breakthrough advanced Kriyas will be taught with emphasis on inducing Soruba Samadhi the gateway to manifesting and forming the incoruptible body made of light.

Meditations will focus on 12 highly specialized and focused meditations. These meditations have emphasis on advancing consciousness and expanding divinity, bringing about clairvoyance, clairsentience, intuition, telepathy, astral traveling, incoruptible body, Soruba Samadhi, as even mastery of locality (teleportation, bi-location and levitation).

The second day will focus on Samadhi and Manifesting. How to maintain Samadhi, what to do in Samadhi and how to maximize Manifesting. Special instruction on how to initiate Soruba Samadhi.

Plus a special talk on Kriya, Kundalini, and Tantra and how they can be incorporated into Yoga practice to increase divinity, advance consciousness and expand Samadhi.

Bonuses include specialized ways to incorporate practice into daily life, special selected reading list, introduction to kaya kalpa (alchemistry) course notes, if time chiropractic assessment, treatment and dietary guidelines.

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn is an advanced Kriya Yogi. A direct disciple of Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj. Author of five books on metaphysics and spirituality. Chiropractor and healer, as well as doctor of metaphysics.

This course is for any serious practitioner of yoga, Kriya, tantra, kundalini as well as religion. Cost including course notes $275. Reserve your seat. Course location will be determined and forwarded based on course numbers. Please contact Dr. Greszczyszyn if you can not afford the full amount, as payment plans and donations will be made available to those in need. Cheques will be accepted at the door, please send email to info(at)avatarbabaji(dot)com to enroll for course. Courses enrollment will close 2 weeks prior to course date, with late fees going up to $350 thereafter.

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