Medical Lab Testing Travels Around The World Using Social Media and Online Technology

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Direct-to-Consumer lab testing is now available internationally: MyMedLab and the ThyroidHub Health Record are now available to a global community of empowered healthcare consumers.

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MyMedLab and its partner BioHub International announced today that specialized health and hormone tests would now be available to consumers around the world. The new international testing is made possible by specialized testing kits developed by a U.S.-based CLIA certified diagnostic lab. These international panels use the latest technology to provide advanced health information from a small blood or urine sample collected in the privacy of your own home.

One of the leading panels is the ThyroidHub Health Record created by internationally known thyroid patient advocate and best-selling author Mary Shomon. This specialized panel includes the four main tests recommended by leading-edge practitioners for the diagnosis and management of thyroid symptoms. The panel includes: the standard Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH); the two main bio-available thyroid markers (Free T3 and Free T4); and the best evaluation of thyroid antibodies, the Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPO).

The ThyroidHub Health Record was launched to the U.S. Market in early 2011 to help pinpoint hard-to-diagnose thyroid conditions, as well as establish a baseline of key health parameters. Included with the test results, is an invitation for a private Facebook group where record holders can interact with Mary Shomon and other members to learn from each other. In addition to the tests and community, consumers have the option to purchase one-on-one conversations with a growing list of health experts and advocates, including Mary Shomon, regarding the test results.

"When we launched the ThyroidHub Health Record in the U.S, we were surprised by the response from the international community. We received requests from patients around the world by email and on facebook begging for access to these specialized tests that are unavailable in their home countries. Today these tests are available anywhere in the world that UPS Global delivers. It’s a very exciting time to watch how social networking and technology is changing the way we learn about and engage in our health", says David Clymer, CEO of MyMedLab.

Shomon adds: "So many patients in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South America, and beyond, are frustrated because the tests they need aren’t available. Doctors don't know about the tests, labs don't run them, and national health care systems sometimes even specifically prohibit patients from getting these tests from their doctors! We now have a solution not only for the estimated 47 million people with thyroid conditions in the U.S. but for as many as 1 billion people around the world who are suffering from various thyroid conditions."

The specialized test kits (available worldwide for under $200) are shipped out by UPS Global and returned for testing by regular mail in the international envelope provided. Results are available in about a week, and automatically uploaded into their private and secure health record online. The first test results establish the “baseline” values that each new result is compared to so consumers around the world can evaluate their treatment and track changes in health over time.

According to Clymer: "What’s especially powerful for consumers with these health panels is the virtual medical tourism they create. From the privacy of their home, they can reach out and talk to the smartest people to review their results. Consumers worldwide can set up a one-on-one phone coaching sessions with experts like Mary Shomon and others, to help them better understand test results and brainstorm the next steps. We are already expanding our capabilities to provide coaching and expert review in other languages as well, starting with Spanish."

For more information on the International Panels now available from MyMedLab, see:
ThyroidHub Health Record International.

About MyMedLab: MyMedLab is a privately held company with the primary mission of empowering consumers to make informed health care choices. As a leading provider of direct-to-consumer (DTC) laboratory testing services, MyMedLab has developed a unique suite of software applications and professional networks that enable the ordering, processing, and reporting of test results directly to consumers. This innovative set of services includes access to online lab tests organized by organ and disease profiles, physician oversight of test ordering, educational laboratory content, and results reporting through the web-based platform. In addition to the direct to consumer channel, MyMedLab also offers their software as a subscription service to physician offices or provider organizations developing community outreach programs that incorporate DTC services. For additional information, see

About Mary Shomon: Mary Shomon is an internationally known thyroid patient advocate, and author of ten books on thyroid disease, hormones, and health, including the New York Times bestseller, "The Thyroid Diet." Shomon founded and serves as Editor for a number of websites on thyroid disease and hormonal health, including,,, and for more than a decade, has been publishing the popular thyroid patient newsletter, "Sticking Out Our Necks." Shomon is co-founder of the Coalition for Better Thyroid Care, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving thyroid care in the US, and is a member of the Endocrine Society, and the American Society of Health Journalists. Since 1997, Shomon has been guide to the Thyroid Disease Website at,, a New York Times Company. Mary Shomon has been featured in hundreds of newspapers, magazines including the Wall Street Journal, First for Women, Elle Magazine, Time magazine, and the New York Times, and on numerous radio and television programs, including ABC World News Tonight, CBS Radio Networks, and National Public Radio.

About BioHub International: BioHub, LLC is a next-generation suite of global communities that form a new health care marketplace. It is where science, expertise and consumers come to learn from each other. Access to clinical testing, interaction with experts, and consumer engagement are what empower the individual to make informed health decisions with their personal physician. The BioHub environment brings all those pieces together in a common platform where the lines of communication are already built in. Unlike the chaotic approach of the current health system where each new encounter creates a separate record, this new marketplace produces a single health conversation, owned by the consumer, that grows in value over time. Using this linear approach to the complicated process of health care is revolutionizing the way that individuals and families learn about their health. The experts in each BioHub community determine what information is required to start the conversation. The consumer creates a private BioHub health record with this data (health history and tests) and then chooses which experts to engage. Sharing their personal information with an expert is as simple as inviting them in. In this new forum, the same data can reviewed from different perspectives and each expert contributes their knowledge to the same record.

For media questions contact: media(at)biohub(dot)org.

To learn more about becoming an expert on the BioHub platform contact: partnerships(at)biohub(dot)org


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