DNA Behavior International, Worldwide Leaders in Human Performance, Partners with Real Cricket through Launch of Cricket DNA

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Cricket DNA, the newest performance solution from DNA Behavior International, provides cricket teams and coaches with performance measurement tools and predictive behavioral insights into hard-wired strengths, struggles and keys for enhancing player talents, building team relationships. Real Cricket started using Cricket DNA in January 2011, finding team performance and on-field execution to be greatly improved with these behavioral insights.

DNA Behavior International announced today that an agreement has been entered into with Real Cricket LLC to provide Cricket DNA Profiles to coaches and players, helping them to capitalize on team strengths and individual talents. As part of this agreement, Real Cricket will manage the CricketDNA brand and its associated services globally.

Cricket DNA utilizes the online DNA Behavior Profile system, which has been in use since 2001. The system was originally created for use in business and the financial services industry and has since expanded its reach to general families, couples and most recently sports. The DNA Behavior Profiles are customized for each industry to provide insights relating to improving performance and results in the specific areas.

For Real Cricket, the approach starts with each player and coach completing a 10-15 minute Cricket DNA Profile online to uncover natural hard-wired behaviors and talents. After completing the profile, each individual cricket player will receive their DNA profile report and teams and coaches will receive a “Team Report” highlighting strength areas and what is needed to go to the next level.

Executives in both companies are very excited about this partnership. Hugh Massie, President of DNA Behavior International and passionate Cricket enthusiast, has said the launch of Cricket DNA for Real Cricket has been virtually effortless as Cricket DNA fits seamlessly into the Real Cricket vision of developing player on-field and off-field life performance.

The result of over 6+ years of Research and Development by the founders of the company, Real Cricket was formed to bring the latest in sports technology, training methodologies and services used by professional athletes to a roster of over 100,000 players who are actively pursuing the dream of playing cricket at the highest levels.

“The approach we are taking is unique to cricket player performance development,” said Hugh Massie. “When you think about it the playing equipment and conditions are similar. However, the players and coaches perform differently. The unique innate behaviors and preferences of the players and coaches trigger different reactions and decisions. Therefore, it is our belief that Behavior Drives Cricket Performance.” DNA Behavior International’s behavioral approach is supported by extensive sports performance research which shows the importance of understanding player and coaching personality to improving results. Ultimately, the key is high player and coach engagement which comes from effective communication and customizing the experience for each person.

Raghu Misra, Co-founder of Real Cricket, expects improved results on a sustainable basis with this partnership, noting that the Cricket DNA Profile addresses challenges that are commonly seen in the cricket arena including: discovering the different talents of the players to identify how play is affected, building awareness to increase confidence, understanding why different team members naturally do things differently, building open communication within the team, building the bond between coaches and players and helping coaches identify how their own behaviors may be in the way of success.

Real Cricket sees Cricket DNA as a tremendous opportunity for increasing player growth, awareness and confidence - supporting them in accomplishing their mission to enhance player sports talent and help them prepare for pro / international level careers.

Real Cricket is already in discussions with various organizations across the USA for the promotion on CricketDNA in their respective countries. Our goal is to make CricketDNA profile the standard at for every club player in the world.

For further details contact: inquiries(at)cricketdna(dot)com

About DNA Behavior International:

DNA Behavior International was established in 2001 and is internationally recognized for providing human performance advisory services to individuals, businesses, professionals and families of all ages, cultures and levels of wealth. DNA Behavior International’s highly scalable and structured solutions start with the objective process of DNA Behavior discovery to ultimately uncover a person's life, financial and business motivations. The philosophical belief of DNA Behavior International is that "behavior drives performance". For further details, please visit http://www.dnabehavior.com

About Real Cricket LLC:

Real Cricket is a company formed after 6+ years of extensive research on various technologies and methodologies for developing sports talent. Real Cricket’s goal is to get the latest in sports technology, training methodologies and sports science into neighborhoods and help build the next generation of highly sophisticated sports men and women. In addition to managing CricketDNA, Real Cricket operates the brand “American Cricket Academy” which will operate a network of hi-tech cricket academies across USA. For further details, please visit: http://www.real-cricket.com

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