“Skincare News” Presents Top 25 Skin Care & Beauty Books and Articles of 2010

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With 2011 well underway, it’s the perfect time to renew beauty goals and take stock of lessons learned in 2010. From acne and anti-aging to natural skincare and beauty on a budget, here are the top 25 handbooks and articles of 2010 from Skincare-News.com.

Whether the goal is to refine a current beauty routine or try something new, Skincare-News.com’s handbooks and articles of 2010 are a great place to start. Need a solution to a persistent skincare issue like acne or cellulite? Looking for foolproof tips on improving wrinkles, treating hair loss or choosing the right makeup and brushes? There’s something for everyone in Skincare-News.com’s latest guide, “Top 25 Skincare & Beauty Books and Articles of 2010.”

1.    Skincare & Beauty FAQ Handbook. When someone has a beauty issue—whether it’s wrinkles, acne, or finding low-cost ways to pamper skin—it helps to get advice from the experts. Look to the complete series of FAQ Handbooks to get tips on everything from caring for individual skin type to creating healthy lifestyle habits.

2.    Beauty Handbooks. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a handbook for every beauty issue? The Beauty Handbooks series can help. From acne to natural beauty, here are simple, effective and budget-friendly tips for achieving beautiful skin.

3.    12 Months to Transform Skin: Achievable New Year’s Resolutions! It’s never too late to set resolutions for improving skin. This 12-month guide to healthy skincare offers a comprehensive plan for creating the best routine, complete with practical tips for achieving short- and long-term goals. Learn how to update a beauty stash, pamper skin and adjust skincare with the changing seasons.

4.    The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair. Need some styling tips for taming curly hair or a solution to frizz and dandruff? This comprehensive handbook to healthy hair covers the spectrum of hair types and concerns to help anyone create an effective routine. Find answers to hair concerns, DIY dyeing tips, season-specific hair advice and more.

5.    10 Skincare Secrets from Dermatologists Revealed. For people who don’t have regular access to a dermatologist for all their skincare needs, here’s the next best thing. Get advice from the experts about healthy skincare, including recommendations for skin-boosting super foods, proper sun protection and tips on anti-aging.

6.    S kin Changes in Stages: From Baby to Baby Boomer. This article starts at the very beginning—caring for a newborn’s sensitive skin—and continues through the life cycle, covering childhood skin concerns, troublesome teenage skin and age-specific regimens for adult skin. Learn about key problems to look for at various life stages, get product recommendations and know what to expect as skin ages.

7.    Covering Up: How to Hide Blemishes and Hyperpigmentation. For people who are new to makeup application techniques or have a particularly troublesome blemish or scar that makeup just won’t cover up, start here and learn how to effectively mask hyperpigmentation. Find out how to make use of color correctors, green-tinted concealer and heavy-duty or specialty concealers, as well as tips for proper application and all-day coverage.

8.    The Best Techniques For Beautiful Brows: Advice from the Pros. Searching for advice on achieving the perfect brows? Here, brow-shaping professionals offer expert advice on waxing, tweezing and threading. Find out about these techniques, what to expect before an appointment at the salon and how to take care of brows in between visits.

9.    Exfoliation 101. The secret to great skin at any age isn’t a fancy serum or moisturizer—it’s regular exfoliation. As dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface, they can make the complexion look dull and lifeless. Exfoliation sweeps off these skin cells, leaving a younger-looking, more luminous complexion. Read about the differences between chemical and manual exfoliation, how to choose a scrub for individual skin type and the many other benefits of exfoliation.

10.    Top 10 Tips for Kick-Starting a Natural Beauty Routine & Lifestyle. Those interested in understanding what’s behind the natural beauty craze can start here. From essential oils to eco-friendly skincare products, learn all about how natural ingredients and holistic practices can improve skin, hair and wellbeing.

See the complete list of top 25 books and articles of 2010 at Skincare-News.com.

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