San Diego Children Accident & Injury Lawyer Signs Publishing Deal: "Justice for the Injured Child," a California Parents' Legal Survival Book

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San Diego Kid Injury & Accident Lawyer, Mark C. Blane, recently signed a publishing deal for his latest book "Justice for the Injured Child." It took over half a year of research and writing. Now California parents and guardians have a legal survival guide that explains what they need to do when it comes to a child accident and injury in California.

Mr. Blane handles child accident and injury cases in California.

San Diego Accident Attorney, and Legal Author Mark C. Blane

No other book is quite like it in California - it explains, in easy to understand terms, what any California parent or guardian needs to know about a child injury or accident claim, and what the courts do to protect the injured child. It is a must read!

San Diego child injury Lawyer, and legal author, Mark C. Blane, researches and writes his fourth book titled "Justice for the Injured Child, A Parent's Complete Legal Survival Guide for their Child's California Accident Case." This book took him over half a year of research and writing; he researched over 50 different California court cases, and over 50 different California statutes and codes to come up with this detailed, but easy to understand, book. This book is both perfect for the everyday parent, consumer, or it would even make a nice addition to any experienced lawyer's library.

This book focuses on many different facets when it comes to an injured child in California, the law, and the process. Thus, this book is well suited to the parents who have a potential civil case against a negligent party, who already have a lawyer for their minor child’s injury case, or who just do not know where to start. It could also be a useful tool for those parents who still have not retained legal counsel, suspect they may have an injury case or some form of child abuse or neglect, or need specific legal information first. Since over ninety-five percent of all minor child injury cases settle prior to trial, the book focuses on what a parent needs to do—and what a parent can expect—once a settlement offer is made on his or her child’s accident case.

A lot is covered in detail in the book, including the civil and criminal implications in regards to parental liability, child abuse, and neglect; what types of accidents children incur; attorneys’ fees and costs in regards to representing a minor child who has been injured; and how the California courts are involved on a child’s injury settlement. San Diego child injury lawyer Mark C. Blane wanted to give precise and useful information that will get a consumer to the heart of the legal information quickly. He also understands that most people who get this book need this important information as soon as possible. Some people will be parents or close family members of children injured by accidents, and some of will be individuals looking to inform yourselves of important information that is not readily available or even known by the general public. The book gives important, practical and useful information quickly. He also provides interesting insights throughout the book—these are marked as “Interesting Points."

San Diego kid injury lawyer Mark C. Blane also suggests that a consumer give copies of this book (from the ebook download) for friends and family members, especially if they have minor children, so they are able to take advantage of the valuable legal information and insight presented. Also, feel free to explore the free books that are available to download on his web site, and explore the many different legal videos he has produced that are about injury cases, the process, and the legal standards of care for a particular injury case. In fact, some of the material covered in this book can be found in legal videos on his web site at, where even more detailed explanations are given. Please take advantage of the video center located on his web site to augment the material you read about in this book. He also wants to point out that there are many frequently asked questions (FAQs) in regards to California child injuries that he has answered on his web site. For your convenience, just go to the FAQ section located on his web site and click on the section labeled "Injured Children Cases In California."

About California child accident lawyer Mark C. Blane:
Attorney Blane has been helping injured children with their bodily injury claims in California since 1999. His law office is primarily comprised of a team of paralegals, and one Of Counsel attorney member. He likes keeping his legal team small and approachable; he makes sure his clients get his personal attention. In fact, when you become a client with his law firm, you meet with Mr. Blane directly; he never delegates a first meeting to an associate or paralegal team member. Since all of his clients have been injured in some way, he is extremely proactive in documenting the medical care each client receives. This is extremely important as he knows how most insurance companies utilize a computer software program to ascertain case value on a given injury. He talks about this process in his free legal guide The Ten Secrets You Need To Know About Regarding Your Injury Case, BEFORE You Call A Lawyer, available for free on his website, He speaks both Spanish and German.

Mr. Blane's child injury law offices are located in downtown San Diego. He can be reached Toll Free at (888) 845-6269, direct at (619) 813-7955. You can also find him on the web at


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