Soovox Launched, the Universal Measure of Influence Application, Bringing to Life Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point at SXSW

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Bridging the Gaps with the New Metrics of Relative Influence and Sentiment Analysis, Soovox Puts Together a Jigsaw Puzzle for the Evolving Influence Measurement Industry

SocialIQ can be a stand-alone universal measure for Influence or it can be used in conjunction with Klout or PeerIndex to give a complete picture of both Absolute Influence and Relative Influence by market or brand.

Soovox announced that it has launched a fresh Influence measuring site,, a spin-off application from to measure users' online social influence drawing on the key concepts of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, which describes how traditional off-line word-of-mouth communication spreads ideas. Mirroring the off-line world, Online Influencers drive Viral Marketing. Social IQ algorithm dispels the myth of Online Influencers for viral marketers by tracking 3 main criteria to score their social influence: Trust or authenticity (biographic, behavioral), Connections (passive, active), and Authority -- corresponding to the three key concepts respectively of “Sales Person”, “Connectors”, and “Mavens” in the Tipping Point.

SocialIQ draws upon key social networks and bookmarking sites already in use: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace – and calculates the user’s Influence based on more than 50 variables that bubble up into their SocialIQ. Users can claim favorite brands, earn “Brand Ambassador” badges, and evangelize or rant about products and services inside or outside of the Soovox platform, with which the data points are augmented into Sentiment Analytic. SocialIQ also gives users opportunities to fill up their profiles indicating their areas of aspiration and passion for the Relative Influence related to a specific market, or lifestyle, like skate boarding or baby diapers. This information is then compared with the data gathered from social web to identify gaps in their authenticity and help users fulfill their Real Influence potential in their desired market or lifestyle.

Soovox SocialIQ enable users to conduct self-discovery (know their own success) with key insights such as Trust Score, Connections Score, and Authority Score. It also allows marketers to discover and reach those Online Influencers, segment and engage them in meaningful ways that fit context and channel of online Influencers’ needs.

SocialIQ application dispels: Online Mavens scour online channels for new information including downloading white papers from brand sites to offer Peers’ Advice. They love to pick up on new products and ideas first and has desire to contribute opinions and help in the purchase decision. They thrive on knowledge and not necessary care about gaining followers in their twitter account. Online Connectors are young, entertainment-focused, technology optimists -- They link, reference, and forward knowledge via Facebook likes, YouTube, email, and Tweets. Users with heavy dose of #reweeting and less #tweets are an indication of Online Connectors.

SocialIQ application is a conduit for Sentiment Analysis and measuring a customer’s Real Influence because it not only siphons in content from Twitter and Face, but also gives users the opportunity to earn brand ambassador badges, share their likes and dislikes on social web to complete the Sentiment Analysis.

CEO Akram said “SocialIQ can be a stand-alone universal measure for Influence or it can be used in conjunction with Klout or PeerIndex to give a complete picture of both Absolute Influence and Relative Influence by market or brand. We have learned from data that Online Influencers exert an undue influence on the growth of a product or idea at the stage when the product or idea approaches the tipping point. Success or failure of Viral Marketing depends on whether the marketers address the behaviors of Online Influencers.”

About Soovox

Soovox is an Influence Network that empowers social influencers to measure and exercise their influence, and get rewarded for it. With Soovox, social influencers cherry pick and create endorsements in their own voices – effecting changes and making advertising a more conversational, less disruptive, and more influential (more useful and consumer-centric). These alternative ad formats actually facilitate a consumer’s purchase process. For more information, please visit and or follow them on Twitter @soovox

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