'Preferred Return' of Between 5% and 33% Now Available to UK Citizens

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5% to 10% ROI per month (104% pa) is what our predominantly US subscribers have been able to earn since early 2010. With the establishment of the UK Branch of Commodities Online, UK citizens are now able to get a 'preferred return' of between 5% and 33% on their funds.

Unique Money Back Guarantee
We enable ordinary individuals to earn extraordinary profits with minimal risk because all the guesswork and speculation is taken out of the equation.

Commodities Online, a commodities wholesaler with more than a dozen branch offices across the US, has expanded its operations to the UK. Eddie Lamb, a Leicestershire based businessman, has been appointed as UK Branch Manager. "We're very pleased to have someone of Eddie's background and experience join us", commented Commodity Online's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Josselson.

Commodities Online has been generating 5% to 10% ROI per month for its predominantly US subscribers since the beginning of 2010. With the establishment of the UK Branch, UK citizens are now able to participate in this unique opportunity and get a 'preferred return' of between 5% and 33% on their funds.

Commodities Online negotiates purchase contracts with producers of commodities and simultaneously negotiates sales contracts with distributors of those commodities. These contracts are referred to as "pre-sold" or "buy/sell" agreements. The average contract duration is 21 - 70 days and the preferred returns average between 5% and 33% per contract. Subscribers to this confidential service are able to allocate funds to these contracts and thereby partake in profit sharing.

What makes them so special? "We enable ordinary individuals to earn extraordinary profits with minimal risk because all the guesswork and speculation is taken out of the equation", said Eddie Lamb. He went on to say, "Before a subscriber allocates funds to a contract they will know precisely: The time window for funding the contract - the date the contract starts - the completion date of the contract - the preferred return in % terms."

Asked about the potential of the UK market, Lamb said, "The market for those wishing to 'earn additional income' has always been as huge as it is diverse. However, in the current economic climate, small businesses and middle-income households throughout the UK represent an enormous and under-served opportunity to us. We are in the process of developing a team of professionals to help potential subscribers fully understand the service we provide". He added, "You have to remember, these are not investments, they are private offerings. Our subscribers can view these offerings and decide whether or not they want to participate online in our 'pre-sold' contracts for physical commodities. No special skills or knowledge is required."

It's a fact that everyone in the developed world is still feeling the effects of the global financial crisis. Therefore the opportunity for UK taxpayers to earn tax-free income (thanks to the current Capital Gains Tax Personal Allowance) will be a very attractive proposition to most UK citizens.

On the subject of money and savings, Lamb was quite clear in his views. "You have to choose what you want to do with your hard earned money just as I have to choose what to do with mine. To me, the question is simple. Do you want to earn 2-4% per year on your funds or would you rather earn a preferred 5-10% per month? That shouldn't be too difficult a choice, now should it?" Was that a wry smile that crossed his lips?

As it turns out, Commodities Online also offers a 45-day (better than your money back) guarantee. The company guarantees that if a subscriber is not completely satisfied, they will refund their subscription fee plus every dollar in their account, including any profits earned within the first 45 days of a new subscription (certain criteria applies). For added safety, subscribers funds are kept in a FDIC insured bank account that is segregated from the operating accounts of Commodities Online LLC.

About Commodities Online UK
Commodities Online UK is essentially a sales and marketing company established to promote the Commodities Online opportunity in the UK. It is owned and operated by UK Branch Manager, Eddie Lamb and is based in Leicestershire. With over 40 years of management experience, a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies and a Higher National Certificate in Financial Studies, Eddie has an all-round understanding of business administration and finance. For more detailed information and illustrations, click here to view the full audiovisual Commodities Online Presentation.


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